International Documentary Panorama, Peloponnisos & Be there!

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pelop-docum-festivalBe there! Corfu Animation Festival continues successfully its cooperation with festivals and screenings and has the pleasure to be part of the International Documentary Panorama of Peloponnisos..
The international documentary panorama of Peloponnisos  takes place in various cities in Peloponnisos area, Greece, and it is a showcase for both documentary and animated films

On Sunday, 1st February, 11:30am the animation programme "Best of Kids 2014" by Be there! Corfu Animation Festival will be presented at Kalamata town, followed by a Q&A with festival artistic director, Vassilis Kroustallis.


1. Festival trailer, 0'30''
Nikos Moustakas – Ioanna Logkaki

2. Frogboy, Jehan Madhani, (USA, 2013), 1' 05''
2D computer animation

FrogBoy learns a valuable lesson about family in this animated short.
Director: Jehan Madhani
Producer: Jehan Madhani
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing: Jehan Madhani
Music: Emphemetry

3. Skinny Tree (l'arbre maigre), Christophe Gautry, (FRANCE, 2014), 6'

In this story, you'll discover who was the skinny tree, when he fled from the last forest, why he caused a flood and how he saved all the children...

Director: Christophe Gautry
Producer: Christophe Gautry
Storyboard, Animation, Editing: Christophe Gautry
Music: Alexandra Renault

4. The Gallant Captain, Katrina Mathers,Graeme Base, (AUSTRALIA, 2013), 8' 08''.
3D computer animation

A boy and his cat journey into unknown waters with a boat, a little bottle and a vivid imagination.

Director: Katrina Mathers, Graeme Base
Producer: Katrina Mathers, Merrin Jensen, Daryl Munton, Patrick Sarell
Storyboard: Alister Lockhart, Oscar Gomez
Artistic Direction: Graeme Base, Daryl Munton
Animation: Patrick Sarell (Animation Director)
Music: Jesse Harlin
Editing, graphics: The Lampshade Collective

5. Girls are Gross, Caity Hall, (CANADA, 2014), 0' 32''.
2D computer animation

An animated short about the interaction of two people and the surprises that can happen.
Director: Caity Hall
Producer: Caity Hall
Storyboard, Animation, Music, Editing: Caity Hall

6. I dream, I don't step back, I exist, 6th Secondary School, Patras (GREECE, 2013), 6' 20''.

The main theme of the movie is any form of control which confronted the man at various times of his life...
Director:  Animation Group: 6th Secondary Schoo, Patras
Producer: Dina Plessa
Storyboard, Animation, Music, Editing:  Animation Group: 6th Secondary School, Patras

7. Seed, Margarita Simopoulou(GREECE, 2013), 8'.
3D computer animation

How far is dream and hope from reality? Seed is a little dragon. He experiences friendship, love and loss in the planet where he leaves alone.

A movie that can make you dream and hope again!

Director: Margarita Simopoulou
Producer: Margarita Simopoulou
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing: Margarita Simopoulou
Music: Aggelos Giannelos

8. The Star Fishing Boy, Chuanshu Shi, (USA, 2013), 11' 54''.
2D computer animation

This story is about a boy who falls to Earth from the clouds and encounters situations that spark his empathy and compassion, but also puts him at risk of not being able to return to his home in the sky.
Director: Chuanshu Shi
Producer: Chuanshu Shi
Storyboard, Animation, Editing: Chuanshu Shi
Music: Royal Teague

9. The Centipede and the Toad (Mille-pattes et Crapaud), Anna Khmelevskaya, (FRANCE, 2013), 10'.
2D computer animation,Drawing on paper

In a faraway forest, the gracious, lissome Centipede is admired by all the other creatures. Except for an old Toad, haughty and jealous, who hates him. One day, he decides to get rid of the Centipede...

Director: Anna Khmelevskaya
Producer: Fargo
Artistic Direction, Graphics: Anna Khmelevskaya
Animation: Camille Rossi, Vincent Bierrewaerts, Vincent Djinda
Music: Christophe Jacquelin
Editing: Anna Khmelevskaya, Fabrice Luang-Vija

10. Wizards (Kouzelníci), Yana Shevchenko (CZECH REPUBLIC, 2014), 6' 20''.
2D computer animation,Live action

Do you believe in miracles? "Wizards" is an animated documentary film about children, who believe in them with all their hearts and minds. It becomes easy, if only you open your mind to a world of fantasy. The paramount questions are how and why. What is possible and what can become possible? What happens to the children and to their dreams in the real world which often proves to be a harsh and cold reality of disappointments, thwarted plans and disillusion. How do these young kids see and live in surroundings of joy and sorrow, in a life full of bitter tears and good hopes?

Director: Yana Shevchenko
Producer: Tomas Bata University in Zlín
Storyboard, Animation: Yana Shevchenko
Music: MAOK
Editing: David Lorenz
Sound: Ivo Repcik
Production Manager: Zuzana Dedochova

11. Bear Story, Gabriel Osorio (CHILE, 2014), 10’ 14’’.
3D computer animation

An old bear goes out every day to a busy street corner. He sets up a small wooden theater containing tin puppets of his own making. For a coin, the bear will set the mechanisms in motion, the marionettes will start to move and a story will unfold inside the box. Through the peephole passerbyes will see the life of a circus bear that longs to escape and return to his family.

Director: Gabriel Osorio
Producer: Pato Escala
Storyboard: Gabriel Osorio
Artistic Direction: Antonia Herrera
Animation: Nicolαs Canales
Music: Dënver
Editing: Pato Escala
Graphics: Mari Soto-Aguilar

Total duration: 72' 03''



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