Martin Andrée, Creation and Negotiation of Identities in the HIstorical Documentary

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martin-andree-webAnimation meets documentary in the presentation of the Greek director  Martin Andrée.

Creation and Negotiation of Identites in the Historical Documentary

Using four of his films as a guide, director  Martin André will talk about the creation and the negotiation of identities through the historical documentary. This is achieved by the artistic means of expression that an artist of cinema has at his or her disposal. In the present case, this implies dramatization, 3D animation, cinematography and editing. 

In the present case, this implies dramatization, 3D animation, cinematography and editing.

The central axis of these film is Greek civilisation. Each film has a different subject matter, making evident the variety and the common elements of Greek identity. .

«The Battle of the Thermopylae"» 11:32 min, 3D animation
«The Plundering of Athens by the Heruli» 10:36 min, 3D animation
«Olympia and its Asklepeion» 07:43 min, 3D animation
«The Myth Olympia - Cult and Games» 03:55, HD Video


Professional Experience: Projects, Awards, Member of Juries

Image films (Direction, Camera, Cutter):
2014 Boehringer Ingelheim Ellas AE, Greece
Link to the project:

Interpool Personal LTD, Berlin
SMAB – Social Media Academy, Berlin

2013Pfizer Hellas SA for Lectus Adv., Berlin
Tonia Andrioti (Painter)
Eva Caridi (Sculptress)

2012 Exhibition "The Myth Olympia - Cult and Games"
Greek Culture Foundation Berlin and Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
Link to the project's trailer:

"European Fundraising Association", Berlin
Exhibition "Baumeister der Revolution" (Master-Builders of Revolution) in the Martin Gropius Building , Berlin
Greek Culture Foundation Berlin

2011Greek Culture Foundation Berlin: Cooperation for audiovisual productions (image films, press conferences, exhibitions, archive, web videos)

Tonia Andrioti (painter, NY)

UCB Biopharma Greece
Link to the project:

2010 Zeincro Pharmaceutical Research Hellas
Link to the project:

2008 Boehringer Ingelheim Ellas AE, Greece

"25-Year Anniversary of CMA"
(Organization of the German Agricultural Economy LTD), Athens

Zeincro Pharmaceutical Research Hellas
Pharmacon S.A. Pharmaceuticals
Training films (Direction, Camera, Cutter):

2012/2013 Interpool Personal LTD, Berlin

2009 University of Crete, School of Medicine
A 3D movie about cure and healing methods in Ancient Greece

2005-2006 National and Kapodistrian – University of Athens, School of Medicine

Boehringer Ingelheim Ellas AE, Greece

TV, Documentary films, Documentations (Direction, Script, Sound design):

2008-2010 free Associate of the Foundation of the Hellenic World:
3D Film "The Battle of the Thermopylae"
Link to the project:

Interactive Play "The Camps of Greeks and Persians" Radio Commercial
Interactive 3D Documentary film "The Plundering of Athens by the Heruli"
Link to the Demo of the Project:

2000-2007 free Associate of the national Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT
6-part documentary film serial"Smoking – a pleasure that kills"
Documentary films for Children (Greek Ministry of Culture)

TV program about Culture

TV program about Health

2003-2004 "Through the Eyes of Travellers – Mount Athos"
"Holy Great Monastery of Vatopaidi - Mount Athos"


Studio 37 (Studio for Sound & Video Produktions), Athens
(Co-founder and Co-partner)

2004 Laser Multimedia Shows for the Olympic Games in Athens
Associate of Laserland Emotion Factory Greece

1997-1999: TV program "Extreme Games", Greek Private Television Station SevenX
Free Projects (Direction, Camera, Cutter):

Video Art Project "IRIS", Presentation at the Athens Concert Hall link to the project's trailer:

2007 Music Video "The Moon and a Thousand Offerings" about Zen Lemonade, Bali
Link to the Project:

2005 Theater Performance "The Madness of Ajax", Direction: T. Terzopoulos

1995-2000 Short Movies
"The Edge of Things", 16mm, 12 min.
Link to the project:

"The Apple Pie", 16mm, 8 min
Link to the Project:

"Super Paradise", Hi8, 13 min

"Pyrovasy - The Fire Walkers", S-VHS, 11 min

Awards, Memberships and Jury Member:
2010 First Prize for the Video Art Project "IRIS" at the "25th Competition for Culture and Art Sikeliana 2010", Salamis/Greece

Jury Member at the "6th International Film Festival for Children and Youth" in Yerevan / Armenia

Since 2009
Member of the Greek Film Directors Association

Participation at the University of Television and Film in Munich Film Festival Short Movie "The Edge of Things"



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