Toy Story 3

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toystory3_andy The much-loved and now Oscar-awarded film is part of Be there! festival Τhis year's Oscar-winning Toy Story 3, the sequel of both successful animation films, could be compared with a sentimental bicycle of our childhood that we would love to ride again.

The big-screen animation feature keeps unquenchable the flame of the first "episode". When first screened in 1995, Toy Story released all the energy and the power of nostalgia, the fabulous narration, the aesthetics, and the expressive depth of computer animation.

The exceptional film of the inventive scriptwriter Michael Arndt is treated with tremendous care. It unfolds the week before the now-familiar Andy goes to college, and describes the fear of abandonment that a child feels, and the weakness of his or her parents to let it go.

Keeping track of the Toy Story film tradition, Toy Story 3 is also based more on story narration than on plot development, and gives priority to humour, effervescent imagination, incredible visual results, and bittersweet touches.



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