Animation in Love: 12-13 and 18 February, Ianos

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altScreenings' program on 12-13 and 18 Feb at Ianos.

Wednesday 12, Thursday 13, and Tuesday 18 February are the three dates you must not forget with a rich, amorous and animated programme in the warm atmosphere of Ianos.

The first date, on Wednesday 12 February at 17:00, opens the curtain with the professional workshop-seminar for students and professionals, as well as those who wish to be introduced to and enjoy animation creation under the guidance of Eleni Mouri, (Associate Professor in the Technological Educational Institution of Athens, teacher of animation in the Graphic Design Department). Title: “Getting organized before the production of an animation film: From the Idea to the Storyboard”.

On our next date, Thursday 13 February at 18:00, a diverse panel and a talk on love and animation combine the expression of feelings with art and are inspired by 8 unique and specially selected shorts that will be screened just before the talk, running for about 1 hour and limited to adults only. The topic is always love and the understanding of this intricate concept, as it is depicted, smoothly and simplified, through the incomparable images of animation.


Our distinguished guests at a glance
Thanasis Cheimonas: Author and columnist
Eleni Mouri: Associate Professor in the Technological Educational Institution of Athens, teacher of Animation in the Graphic Design Department. Subject of the seminar: “Getting organized before the production of an animation film: From the Idea to the Storyboard”.
Christina Depian: visual artist – teacher. Workshop/seminar on animation for children.
Aristarchos Papadaniel: Director-animator and author.
Argyro Bozoni ( panel co-ordinator 

Our final date, on Tuesday 18 February at 22:30, concludes this February trilogy in the most ideal way, the screening of the award-winning film Le Tableau by the magic hands of Jean-François Laguionie (with the support of the French Institute of Greece). It is a love story that pays tribute to animation with wonderful images, imaginative script and amazing music, all combined in a unique way by its skillful director who has been awarded the Palm d’ Or.

Admission is free.
Address: 24, Stadiou Street.


A few words on the subject of the screenings
Without shyness and with great finesse, the shorts in this tribute celebrate (in their own way) the interpersonal net of love.
Love may be depicted as a chronology of future consequences (Happily ever after), while it sometimes travels between art and reality (The Library, The unfinished painting). Even when it is a simple love rejection, it is dominated by colors and experiences (Delicious breakups), and more intensely so when the breakup is irreversible (This is love), while a very commonplace reality may become an almost unsurpassable comic difficulty (How David and Emma got pregnant); and whether we want it or not, love may sometimes be connected to crime and eliminate forcefully the stereotypes of the two sexes (Vicenta).
The animation films of Be there! Corfu Animation Festival (2D/3D computer animation, puppets or even actors) are modern, reflective and beautiful, on a subject that never stops inspiring.

1. How Dave and Emma got pregnant (Joost Lieuwma, THE NETHERLANDS, 2012, 6΄ 50΄΄)
2D computer animation
A very infertile husband is so desperate to have a baby that he actually treats the liposuction fat from his wife as his baby. Strangely enough this all does lead to a cure! Only in Joost Lieuwma's universe this is not just possible, but even logical.

2. This is love (Lei Lei, CHINA, 2010, 2΄΄ 38΄΄).
2D animation
A love story. When the lovers affectionately hug, the boy finds there is a hole in his girl's socks.

3. The Library (Leo Crane, U.K., 2012, 4΄ 00΄΄)
3D computer animation
Annie’s day at The Library starts like any other, but the intriguing man who takes the seat opposite her encourages her thoughts to stray. Theo is equally distracted, not least by his books on the Renaissance nude, which set his mind – and pulse – racing. This 4-minute computer animation takes the viewer into their fantasies to share in what could happen if library etiquette is overridden by carnal urges.

4. Dove sei, amor mio (Veljko Popovic, CROATIA, 2011, 10' 30'')
3D computer animation
Is the comfort of routine and the happiness it provides enough to keep us its slaves forever?

5. Ηappily ever after (Ben Genislaw & Yionni Aroussi, ISRAEL, 2012, 6΄ 16΄΄)
3D computer animation
Journey to the future of Rani and Keren, a young couple moving in together for the first time. Without control they are drawn to the race of marriage, children and work, while desperately trying to keep up with the race and stay together.

6. Delicious breakups (Frank Morales, SPAIN, 2011, 1' 45'')
2D computer animation
Devastated after being dumped by his girlfriend, Mike needs to get rid of a monster that is eating what's left of his heart.

7. The unfinished painting (Rositsa Vangelova, BULGARIA, 2012, 6' 25'')
2D computer animation, Live action
A young painter desperately tries to draw the best eyes for the woman’s face in his painting and mysteriously falls into the surrealistic world, created by his own imagination.

8. Vicenta (SAM, SPAIN, 2010, 22΄ 12΄΄)
When Alfredo dies not revealing his wife the hiding place of the fabulous fortune that they both won in the lottery, Vicenta will look for everywhere up to assume that the only way to find it, is asking to her deceased husband.
Return people from dead to life has never been easy, even less for an alone and aged widow housewife, but with the assistance of her foolish nephew Vicente, being as Igor, everything is possible. Nevertheless, she won't be the only one pursuing such a treasurable booty....

Total duration of the program: 60' 16''


Assistant Professor, Department of Design, TEI Athens: Animation
Her Phd thesis: "Animation in advertising"
She was a freelancer animator, and collaborated with Greek production companies, and she has taught in workshops in Athens, Genova, Syros, Belgrade, Larisa, Alghero, Budapest, Corfu, Olsztyn
Publications: “FRAME by FRAME” - NEXUS PUBLICATIONS 2004
2009, INFORMANIMATION 2011(Francoangeli 2012), CO2 Communicating complexity 2013 conference proceedings ( 2013).


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Christina Depian is a visual artist-educator, with a Postgraduate Degree from Central School of Art and Design (London). Since 1988, she teaches moving image courses at the primary education sector. 
From 1995-2011 she taught at the Department of Preschool Education (University of Athens). She designs and programmes educational courses and seminars of moving image for children and adults (Animasyros, Exile Room etc.)
Her website/Vimeo account



Thanasis Heimonas was born in Athens, in 1971. He studied literature at the University of Strasbourg and cinema and journalism in London. He is working as sports reporter in a daily newspaper.



Director-Animator, Author
Aristarchos Papadaniel was born in Athens in 1978. He studied Tourism Business Administration, Graphic Design, and Animation. Author of the book “Greek Political Caricature - The Serious Side of a Funny Art” and creator of the Greek flipbook series “Pocket Cinema”.
In 2005 he co-founded the creative studio SYLLIPSIS, animating, illustrating and producing visual communication.
Co-creator (direction-animation) of the awarded educational animated series “A Letter - A Story” on a concept and screenplay by author Sophia Madouvalou, produced by the Educational RadioTelevision of the Greek Ministry of Education. Based on the TV series a digital interactive learning environment is being developed [Medea Awards 2012 (highly commended)].
Founding member of ASIFA Greece and full member of Greek Graphic Designers’ Association.

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