Three-dimensional graphics and motion synthesis.

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3danimation  Konstantinos Tiligadis and  T. Valianatos guide us in the world of computer animation.


The workshop presents 3D computer Animation. The Duration is two hours: the first hour is the theoretical approach, while the second one is practice at the lab.

The presentation will be able to give rise to those who want to work with three-dimensional graphics and motion synthesis, or gain experience on how to become 3d animators. For more experienced participants, equal chance will be provided to see another way of thinking for creation, and different techniques.

The history of animation will be presented, followed by a detailed introduction into the software. The last part features the creative stage, the development of a three-dimensional diagram of creation a cinematic scene, stages of modeling, texturing, and lighting, and finally the animation.

Organizer and Coordinator: K. Tiligadis,, presentation by T. Valianatos, workshop assistants C. Andreopoulos, A. Dimitropoulos, Students of the Ionian University, Department of Audiovisual Arts.



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