Animation in Greek TV advertising

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kounoupiAn insider talk and presentation in Greek TV advertising in animation by Eleni Mouri, assistant professor at the Department of Graphic Design, Technological Institute of Athens (in Greek).

Animation in Greece started since the 1920s, when the first advertising companies appear (with printed magazine as the means of communication).

Since the economic growth of the 50s the Greek market gradually absorbs new products that are advertised both in radio and cinema.

During the 70s the main advertising outlet is television (first, tentantive shows since 1965). Τhe rapid growth of television goes hand in hand with the economical growth of each Greek household, and brings competition in the products offered -its most distinctive case are the Greek dairy products.

The continuous growth during 1970s-1980s lead to the golden decade of Greek advertising. The initial ad is now a means of communication, and advertising becomes engulfed in the Greek spectator consciousness as an accepted art and craft, bound to the everyday life. The pioneer advertising company Aronis-Efthymiadis opens in 1967, and sets the groundwork to develop the know how and the education of the artists. Production company "Mosquito" (Kounoupi) opens in 1973, specializing exclusively in animated spots, while later "Cells unlimited", "Blitz", "Kouak" appear.

Within this framewor, Greek advertising animation steps upon the footsteps of Stamatis Polenakis and Zagreb Film and develops rapidly. The Greekness of the period sides with unbridled imagination, non-realistic elements, the madness in movement, the deification of the unreal are the basic elements of expression. The 90s invite the companies "Magikon", "Orasis", "Artoon", and "Timelapse Pictures", which occasionally handled animated spots.

The subsequent globalization of products and production companies does not permit the same form of advertizing explored up to 1985-90s. What is prominent today is the sensation of reality in excess and oneiric tendencies, mixed techniques and, of course, the target group options that determine the aesthetics in the product campaign.

Dr.Eleni Mouri, Assistant Professor,
Department of Graphic Design,
Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Athens
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