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Butter Bunny and his Grape Must Cookie, Giorgos Nikopoulos (GREECE, 2014), 22' 22"

Moustokouloura-web3D computer animation,Cut-out animation

Mr. Butter Bunny, a great forest cook, many times awarded for his excellent cooking skills, decides to make grape must cookies for his beloved Mary Antelope’s birthday. So, he wakes up on a cold winter morning and enters his kitchen. Here’s the recipe: Water, Cinnamon, Sugar, Olive Oil, Flour, Grape Must… Grape must? Oh my gosh… Not even a drip! How did he forget! And those losing their mind had better get quickly dressed! He put on his gloves, he put on his helmet, and there he arrives to the viticulturist, chop-chop, on his moped. To Mr. Chab Goat, with the bicolor eyebrow, standing at his door staring at him since very long ago.


Director: Γιώργος Νικόπουλος
Producer: Δημήτρης Μπασλάμ
Storyboard, Editing: Γιώργος Νικόπουλος
Artistic Direction, Music: Δημήτρης Μπασσλάμ
Animation: Γιώργος Νικόπουλος, Αντώνης Δημητρόπουλος
Graphics: Δημήτρης Πολίτης
Σχεδιασμός Χαρακτήρων, Εικονογράφηση: Βίκτωρ Μοσχόπουλος

Festival screenings/Awards

Festival premiere

Digging to Heaven, Maciej Lorenc (POLAND, 2014), 6' 48"

Digging-To-Heaven-webDrawing on paper
A humorous tale of a mole who wants to dig a tunnel through to heaven. A five-minute story told by a digitally animated, pencil, it offers a sprinkling of the fairy-tale, a soupçon of the absurd and a satiric take on reality.


Director: Maciej Lorenc
Producer: Ewa Jastrzębska
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing, Graphics: Maceij Lorenc
Music: Miłosz Sienkiewicz

Festival screenings / Awards

2015: Short Waves Festiwal 2015, Poland; 18th ZOOM - ZBLIŻENIA, Jelenia Góra, Poland
2014: 8th OFFELIADA, Gniezno, Poland; 14th „New Horizons" IFF, Wrocław, Poland

Freedom, Petre Tomadze (GEORGIA, 2014), 1' 09"

Freedom-web2D computer animation
The fly is trying to fly out the window.


Director: Petre Tomadze
Producer: Petre Tomadze
Storyboard, Animation, Music, Editing: Petre Tomadze

Festival screenings / Awards

"TOFUZI" ; "DYTIAKO" - best director work

Frenemy, Vera Lalyko, Vera Lalyko (GERMANY, 2014), 6' 15"

Frenemy-web2D and 3D computer animation

A cat and dog are just about poised to get one over on the other. A mysterious incident occurs which results in them swapping voices. All attempts to reverse are in vain. Finally enemies become friends.


Director: Vera Lalyko
Producer: Vera Lalyko
Storyboard, Editing: Vera Lalyko
Artistic Direction, Graphics: Heinz Brasch
Animation: Urte Zintler, Vera Lalyko
Music: Xaver Fischer
Sound: Boris Goltz

Festival screenings / Awards

2014: Encounters Festival Bristol UK Childrens Award; Cinanima Festival Portugal ChildrensProgram
2015: Glasgow Short Film Festival Family Shorts; Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche ChildrensProgram; Puppet Animation Festival UK; Animationsfilmfest Dresden ChildrensProgram; Kristiansand Childrens Film Festival Norwegen

Go to City Ele, Wenyuli (CHINA, 2015), 9' 28"

Go-To-City-Ele-web2D computer animation
The film is about discrimination!A story about a little pig who comes from the "P town" go to the metropolis--"City ELE" where the elephants live.


Director: Wenyuli
Producer: Tanjiang
Storyboard, Animation, Editing: Wenyuli
Music: Pantawit Kiangsiri

Festival screenings / Awards

Festival premiere

MoonDog, Javier Araujo Caviró (SPAIN, 2015), 1' 20"

Moon-Dog-web2D computer animation, T
he film is about discrimination!A story about a little pig who comes from the "P town" go to the metropolis--"City ELE" where the elephants live.


Director: Javier Araujo Caviró
Producer: Emilio Lujan - ESDIP, Escuela de arte
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing: Javier Araujo Caviró
Music: Jose Carlos Garcia

Festival screenings / Awards

Πρεμιέρα φεστιβάλ

My Grandfather was a Cherry Tree Tatiana Poliektova/Olga Poliektova (RUSSIA, 2015), 12' 30"

My-Grandfather-Was-A-Cherry-Tree-webInternet software
This is a movie-memory, narrated by a young boy about his views on life and death. It’s also a story about an unusual grandfather, who could listen to the trees breathing and believed that “Person can’t die if someone still loves him”.


Director: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova
Producer: Pavel Smirnov
Storyboard: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova with participation of Konstantin Fedorov
Animation, Editing: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova
Music: Nicola Lerra
Sound Designer: Vladimir Sukharev
Music Editor: Danila Bolshakov
Music Recording: Danila Bolshakov

Festival screenings / Awards

Open Russian Animation festival Suzdal

Ovation, Sofia Wang/JoAnn Kang (USA, 2015), 3' 30"

Ovation-web3D computer animation

A disagreeable young boy goes to a mysterious magic show, but the magician forces him to experience real magic.


Director: Sofia Wang & JoAnn Kang
Producer: Sofia Wang & JoAnn Kang
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing, Graphics: Sofia Wang & JoAnn Kang
Music: Kevin Smithers
Festival screenings / Awards}
Festival premiere

Overcast, Robbet Naranjo (CANADA, 2015), 4' 10"

Overcast-web2D computer animation
Two children spend their time watching clouds in the sky and pointing out shapes that they see. These shapes are made by two clouds that enjoy amusing the kids with amusing transformations. A scuffle grows between the two clouds as they try to get the attention of the children. The two clouds fight a storm begins the brew that puts the kid’s lives at risk.


Director: Robbet Naranjo
Producer: Robbet Naranjo
Storyboard: Steve Walker
Artistic Direction: Tim Yan
Animation: Omar Elhindi
Music: Iain Howie, Andrew Bennett
Editing: Robbet Naranjo
Other Crew: Crystal Cheung, Carly Dziob, Siwei Jiang, Francois Jeun, Olga Kim, Ju Hwan Lee

Festival screenings / Awards

Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Merit: Animation, Sheridan College 2015 People's Choice

The Storyteller, Eleonaria Quario (UK, 2015), 7' 21"

The-Storyteller-web2D computer animation
One day, in a town where books have been banned for many years, a new girl arrives and she attracts everyone’s attention. She has really long, colorful and constantly moving hair and some of the kids living there  go to her to find out why she looks like this. To explain, she starts reading a story to them, and what she is telling magically appears in her hair. Unfortunately, the kids’ parents don’t want her near their children: they consider her and her books dangerous. But the storyteller won’t give up easily, and the conflict between her and the other adults living in the town will quickly escalate.


Director: Eleonora Quario
Producer: Eleonora Quario, Middlesex University
Storyboard, Animation, Editing: Eleonora Quario
Music: Andy Kyte
Voices: Heidi Tabing, David Benson, Katy Manning


Πρεμιέρα φεστιβάλ

Ο χρυσός βάτραχος, Manish Pandit (INDIA, 2015), 3' 59"

The-Golden-Frog-web3D computer animation

There is a Chef. he cooks food in the food truck. his friendship with one Frog. In drought period Chef tries to kill the frog. As soon as knife touch to the frog skin than knife convert in to the gold..

Director: Manish Pandit
Producer: Navratni Pandit
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Music, Editing, Graphics: Navratni Pandit

DSPFF-2015 Delhi , India, Certificate Of Excellence



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