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Open Air: 75 years of Pinocchio

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pinocchio1940Disney's masterpiece celebrates its 75 years, and comes to Be there! in an open-air screening.


Festival Premiere: Longway North (Tout en haut du monde)

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Long Way North 1The much-awaited feature adventure Longway North (Tout en  haut du monde) is the 5th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival premiere.


Feature Films in Competition

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Pos Eso, Sam (SPAIN, 2014), 82' 18''

poseso-lenin disparandoClay

Trini, the worldfamous flamenco dancer, has been deeply depressed and has abandoned the stage. Damian, her 8-year-old son, is possessed by a malicious devil that makes him do the most bloody and cruel misdeeds.


Director: Sam
Storyboard: Aitor Herrero Larrumbide
Producer: Carlos Juárez
Artistic Direction: Sam
Animation: Claudi Sorribas, Elodi Pocon, Nacho De Marco, Ángel Fariña, Sam
Music: Aritz Villodas
Editing: Remi Hueso
Costume Design: Flora Cuevas

Festival screenings/Awards

Sitges Film Festival,  Jury special mention, Spain 2014

Unknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions (Nepoznate energije, neidentificirani osjećaji), Dalibor Barić (CROATIA, 2015), 40’ 05’’

unknown-energies HI-RES 199502D and 3D computer animation, Cut-out animation, Photos, Pixilation, Rotoscope

A mysterious Foundation finances the work of the Institute for Research on Psychic Phenomena and Mental Films. Correspondence between the Foundation and the Institute is conducted through a selected rapporteur, an agents with induced, synthetic identity. Reporter Isidor Dukas visits the Institute. During contact with one of the test subjects, a routine control, turns into a labyrinth without an end.


Director: Dalibor Barić
Producer: Vedran Šuvar
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing, Graphics: Dalibor Barić
Music: Tomislav Babić

Festival screenings/Awards

Days of Croatian Film ( best screenplay award, best sound design), 2015; Animafest 2015

Cheatin', Bill Plympton (USA, 2014), 76'

Drawing on paper

cheatin1A newlywed wife proves the depth of her love by becoming her cheating husband's mistresses.


Director: Bill Plympton
Producer: Desiree Stavracos
Storyboard, Animation: Bill Plympton
Artisrtic Direction: Lindsay Woods
Music: Nicole Renaud
Editing: Kevin Palmer

Festival screenings/Awards

2014: St. Anthony Main Theater (Minneapolis Film Festival Screening), Minneapolis; GIJON FILM FESTIVAL, Spain; Animanima, Serbia; Napa Valley Film Festival, California; ANIMATIC, Spain; CORK Film Festival, Ireland; PISAF, Korea;  Dublin Animation Film Festival, Ireland; OAXACA Film Festival, Mexico; Message To Man Festival, Russia

SABOGAL, Sergio Mejía, Juan José Lozano (COLOMBIA, 2015),  106’ 54’’

SABOGAL 13D computer animation, Live action

A judicial thriller that takes us into a fascinating visual universe where Sabogal, lawyer and human rights defender, investigates several crimes against humanity in modern Colombia. With the country in crisis, the protagonist is in constant danger and fights relentlessly, almost obsessively, for justice.


Director: Sergio Mejía, Juan José Lozano
Producer: Liliana Rincón
Storyboard:Luisa Osorio, Leonardo Ariza
Artistic Direction:Sergio Mejía
Animation:Alejandro Castillo, Juan Carlos Melo, Nicolás Broner And Others
Music:Enrique Bernal Ramos
Editing:Ana Acosta, Juan David Cortés

Festival screenings/Awards

International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland; Annecy International Animation Film Festival; Animator, Poland

Battledream Chronicle, Alain Bidard (MARTINIQUE, 2015), 108’ 14’’

Battledream-013D computer animation

Battledream Chronicle tells the story of a young female slave called Syanna who tries to regain her freedom in a futuristic world where the entire world has been enslaved and where plantations are video games.


Director: Alain Bidard
Producer: Jose Nerain
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Music, Editing, Graphics: Alain Bidard

Festival screenings/Awards

Festival premiere



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