Shorts Competition E: Let's Spend the Day Together

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Transparency, Daniel Šuljić (CROATIA, 2015), 6’ 10”

Transparency-webDrawing on paper

Moving through a world filled with scanners and surveillance algorithms, while frivolously using different social networks, online forms and credit cards, the man of today gives away his privacy voluntarily. A decent citizen has nothing to hide. Only criminals do.


Director: Daniel Šuljić
Producer: Igor Grubić
Storyboard-animation-music-editing: Daniel Šuljić

Festival screenings / Awards

Festival premiere

Espresso Doppio, Mika Koskinen (FINLAND, 2015), 3’ 54”

Espresso-Doppio-webDrawing on paper

Two different people, two distinct stories and a cup of coffee. Are we ready to encounter each other as individuals after all?


Director: Mika Koskinen
Producer: Eija Saarinen
Storyboard-animation: Mika Koskinen
Music: Iida-Alina Poijärvi
Editing: Mika Koskinen

Festival screenings / Awards

2015: Lyhäriklubi, Bar Kuka, Turku/Finland; Animfest 2015, Athens, Greece; Animatricks IAFF, Helsinki, Finland; Golden Kuker IAFF, Sofia, Bulgaria; Opasvký Pá; International Student Film festival, Opava, Czech Republic.

Rainbow: A Story About Life, Eduardo Wahrhaftig (BRAZIL/USA, 2015), 2’ 47

Rainbow-A-Story-About-Life-web2D computer animation

The last moments of a couple told through the colors of the rainbow.


Director: Eduardo Wahrhaftig
Producer: Eduardo Wahrhaftig
Storyboard: Eduardo Wahrhaftig
Animation: Eduardo Wahrhaftig
Music: Beethoven, Haydn
Editing: Eduardo Wahrhaftig

Festival screenings / Awards

2015: Athens Animfest; Anima Mundi; Tres Court Brasil - Festival Internacional de Filmes Curtíssimos. Anima Mundi; Cartón - Festival Internacional de Cortos de Animación La Tribu; Croq'Anime - Le Festival du Film d'Animation de Paris; Festival Internacional de Animación - FIA; Milano Film Festival; Animasyros; Bucheon International Animation Festival; Dia Internacional da Animação.

Different Kinds of People, Michaela Pavlatova (CZECH REPUBLIC/SLOVAKIA, 2015) 3’ 15”

Different-Kinds-Of-People-web2D computer animation

There are different kinds of people, someone wakes up in the morning and someone falls asleep. There are different kinds of people, someone is terribly bored, someone is playing with the life.


Director: Michaela Pavlatova
Producer: Michaela Pavlatova Dominika Fricova
Storyboard: Michaela Pavlatova
Artistic Direction: Michaela Pavlatova
Animation: Michaela Pavlatova
Music: Dominika Fricova
Editing: Marie Jarosova
Graphics: Michaela Pavlatova

Black Tape, Michelle/Uri Kranot (DENMARK/ISRAEL, 2014), 3’

Black-Tape-webDrawing on paper, Photos

In an entangled tango, the victim and victimiser dance, occupying the frame and the space between brushstrokes.


Director: Michelle & Uri Kranot
Producer: Michelle Kranot
Storyboard: Michelle & Uri Kranot
Artistic Direction: Michelle & Uri Kranot
Animation: Michelle & Uri Kranot
Music: Uri Kranot
Editing: Michelle & Uri Kranot

Festival screenings / Awards

Annecy, Ottawa, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Interfilm Berlin, Odense, Valladolid, Leeds (special mention), Monstra (Special mention)

Soot, David Doutel & Vasco Sá (PORTUGAL, 2014), 14’

Soot-web2D computer animation

It's like soot that rests on the walls of our head. We can’t see it. It belongs there already. After all the time that was left behind one question remained:
"Why didn’t the trains stop there?"


Director: David Doutel & Vasco Sá
Producer: Rodrigo Areias - BANDO À PARTE
Storyboard: David Doutel, Pedro Bastos, Vasco Sá
Animation: Alexandra Ramires, Diana Peixoto, Laura Gonçalves, Vitor Hugo Rocha, Paulo D’Alva, André English, David Doutel, Vasco Sá
Music: Rita Red Shoes, The Legendary Tigerman
Editing: David Doutel, Vasco Sá

Festival screenings / Awards

ANIMA, Brussels International Animation Film Festival, Belgium; Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France; Best Portuguese Filme SPA/Vasco Granja Jury Special Prize Audience Award; International Film Festival in Gaudalajara, Mexico; Córtex - Festival de Curtas Metragens de Sintra, Portugal; Holland Animation Film Festival, Netherlands; Annecy - International Animation Film Festival, France; Cinanima, Portugal (Antonio Gaio Award) ; Animatou - International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland; Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, Portugal; Audience Award “SPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores” Prize for the best portuguese director.

Conversation, Ana Horvat (CROATIA, 2015), 5’ 45”

Conversation-web2D computer animation

Etta spends a monotonous and tiring evening at home. On TV she sees a story that will change her view of her own world, a film in which Milena lives a beautiful life with Djuro the giant. Unfortunately, he becomes depressed and remains lying on the floor of their apartment. His condition remains unchanged.


Director: Ana Horvat
Producer: Masha Udovicic
Storyboard: Ana Horvat
Artistic Direction: Ana Horvat
Animation: Ana Horvat
Music: Hrvoje Stefotic
Editing: Ana Horvat

Festival screenings / Awards

2015: AFI - International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varazdin; Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film.

Accordion, Kayhan Anwar (IRAQ, 2014), 2’ 05”

Accordion-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper

It talk about an ants’ biography after a big try and difficulties in order to deliver the grains to its babies, but someone who is blind and he is a beggar.


Director: Kayhan Anwar
Producer: Kayhan Anwar
Storyboard: Kayhan Anwar
Animation: Kayhan Anwar
Music: Shalaw Raza
Editing: Mehrdad Solymani

Festival screenings / Awards

Ferfilm; Witney film festival; Kazan film festival; Linoleum film festival.

Life with Herman H. Rott,  Chintis Lundgren (ESTONIA/CROATIA/DENMARK, 2015), 11’ 06”

Life-With-Herman-HRott-webDrawing on paper

Herman is a rat who enjoys heavy drinking, loud grind music and chess. He doesn't care much for cleaning and the disorder in his apartment only makes him feel more at home. One day a very tidy cat who has a weakness for messy macho-men, decides to move in. She also brings a vacuum cleaner, a piano, and what's worse - a collection of classical music records.


Director: Chintis Lundgren
Producer: Draško Ivezić
Storyboard: Chintis Lundgren
Artistic Direction: Chintis Lundgren
Animation: Chintis Lundgren
Music: Various
Editing: Chintis Lundgren, Ivor Ivezić

Festival screenings / Awards

Days of Croatia Film (award-Best Animation); Krakow Film Festival; Animafest Zagreb (award-Best Croatian Animation); Annecy; Fest Anca; Anima Mundi.

The Meek, Joe Brumm (AUSTRALIA, 2015), 7’ 26”

The-Meek-web2D computer animation

The Meek, an original animated short created by StudioJoho’s Joe Brumm, Mark Paterson and Laura DiMaio, follows the story of a very small person trying to quit a very big bad habit.
When her cold, lonely existence is changed forever by the arrival of a huge comet and a smouldering stranger, our heroine thinks her luck has changed.


Director: Joe Brumm
Producer: Laura DiMaio
Storyboard: Joe Brumm
Artistic Direction: Joe Brumm, Mark Paterson
Animation: Joe Brumm, Mark Paterson, Alexis Dean-Jones
Music: Ollie McGill
Editing-graphics: Joe Brumm

Festival screenings / Awards

2015: MIAF; Anima Mundi.

The Sleepwalker, Theodore Ushev (CANADA, 2015), 4’ 22”

The-Sleepwalker-webDrawing on paper

With the shade around her waist / she dreams on her balcony, […] Under the gypsy moon, / all things are watching her / and she cannot see them.
A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem Romance Sonámbulo by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights.


Director: Theodore Ushev
Producer: Theodore Ushev, Dominique Noujeim
Storyboard-Artistic Direction-animation-editing: Theodore Ushev
Music: Nikola Gruev / Kottarashky

Festival screenings / Awards

2015: Holland Animation Film Festival; IndieLisboa - Lisbon International Independent Film Festival; Vienna Independent Shorts; Annecy International Animation Festival; Melbourne International Animation Festival.

Ernie Biscuit, Adam Elliot (AUSTRALIA, 2015), 21’


The clayography of a lonely Deaf Parisian Taxidermist whose life is turned upside down and back to front when a dead pigeon arrives on his doorstep.


Director: Adam Elliot
Producer: Adam Elliot
Storyboard-aristic direction-animation-music-editing: Adam Elliot

Festival screenings / Awards

Annecy, Sydney IFF, Melbourne IFF, Edinburgh IFF.



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