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Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is the international animation festival that has Corfu as its touchstone, constituting a meeting point for animation artists from all over the world, already from its very first edition (April 2011).

The art of animation, much broader than that of cartoons, has been too hastily defined as children's art, or merely as an art addressed to and inspired by the children. From our part, we do feel that the art of animation is mainly addressed to those who have the courage to think and the stoutness to see things like children do.

The recent achievements and the artistic recognition of films like Persepolis, The Triplets of Belleville and Up have given us the impetus to aim at our mission with a lot of imagination but meticulously attending to the details.

Animation films have always unfolded the uncontrollable play of imagination, either in form of stop-motion (puppets, clay and so on) and of 2D/3D computer animation or even traditional cel animation, which enchants and fascinates the fans of new technologies as well as the general audience, through the use of images which provoke intense feelings.

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival sets as its mission the full and absolute respect for the artistic effort of animation artists, using professional criteria to select and screen animated films, also including a pedagogic axis of workshops and screenings; festival activities equally approach and concern children, adults, professionals and general audience alike.

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is a feast for the art of animation, which lasts four days, and employs an educational, entertaining, but foremost an artistic look. Its programme includes 3 competitive sections (short films, graduation films, feature animation films), retrospectives, collaborations with other international animation festivals, original thematic tributes, Greek premieres, masterclasses & workshops and a Kids, Be there! programme with seminars and children workshops.

For all of you who create and express yourselves through animation films, this is the chance to submit your film.

Using the artistically rich island and city of Corfu as your animation base, you will have the opportunity to share the joy of images, and the experience of participation.

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