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Same Life Different Day, Konstantinos Economou (2016, 6' 05")

same-life-different-day-web2D computer animation, Live action

Mr. Stratigis is a man like any other. He wakes up, has his breakfast and goes to work using public transportation... But where can routine lead a man to?


Director: Konstantinos Economou
Producer: GusEco Productions
Storyboard, Animation, Editing: Konstantinos Economou
Music: Fotini Tsaknaki
Lights: Apostolis Tsatsakos
Actors: Johnny o. , Vicky Adamou


"Same Life Different Day" is a short film, in a mixed technique (live action and traditional animation) that is showing the routine of a man's life, in a humourus way, with a twist at the end. Mr Stratigis (the main character) could be any of us.

Oiling Point, Akis Melachris, George Melisaropoulos (2016, 9' 03")

oiling-point-web2D computer animation

All these years The Zizimen Team are always the winners of the Panolive Games. Their secret? Money of course! This year Sherlock Holves joins the competition along with Stanoli to uncover the dirty truth behind the Games! Oiling point is a hilarious fairy tale for kids based on the characters of Oliloves comic series. Adults will enjoy Oiling Point as well because of the political references of the modern Greek Society that reflects the global situation nowadays.


Director: Akis Melachris, George Melisaropoulos
Producer: Aris Asimakopoulos
Storyboard: Akis Melachris, George Komiotis
Artistic Direction, Editing: Animatic Vision Creative
Animation: Michalis Loukianos
Music: Christian Andersson, Craze Music


Akis Melachris is animator and comics creator. His cv includes numerous animation films, educational books and participation in newspapers and magazines.

The Runner, Zachos Samoladas (2016, 6' 10")

nenikimamen-webDrawing on paper, Rotoscope

Philippides a day runner, ran the 40 km from the battlefield near Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia. But before he run to Athens bearing the message of victory the Runner went to Sparta, a distance of 220km from Athens to ask for help. On his way home, the Runner met the god Pan.


Director: Zachos Samoladas
Producer: Zachos Samoladas
Artistic direction-music-graphics: Zachos Samoladas
Editing: Christos Stanisis


BO-Whereswilder, Fokion Xenos (2015, 5' 41")

BO-whereswidler-web2D computer animation, Cel drawing

A psychedelic journey featuring a Human, the Sea and the Sun. Music clip for the Athenian Psychedelic band Whereswilder. Created as a thesis project by Out.There (Fokion Xenos, Stefanos Pletsis, Christos Panagiotou, Yiannis Rallis) at TEI of Athens Department of Graphic Design


Director: Fokion Xenos
Producer: Out.There
Storyboard, Editing: Fokion Xenos
Artistic Direction: Stefanos Pletsis
Animation: Christos Panagiotou, Yiannis Rallis
Music: Whereswilder
Graphics: Out.There


A psychedelic journey featuring a Human, the Sea and the Sun. Music clip for the Athenian Psychedelic band Whereswilder. Created as a thesis project by Out.There (Fokion Xenos, Stefanos Pletsis, Christos Panagiotou, Yiannis Rallis) at TEI of Athens Department of Graphic Design.

RE.MURDERED, Gregory Giannakopoulos (2016, 3' 10")


A loop of murders based on real movie scenes. A case study about violence in cinema.


Director: Gregory Giannakopoulos
Producer: Gregory Giannakopoulos
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing, Graphics: Gregory Giannakopoulos
Music: Matt Elliott


Graduated from TEI of Athens as a Graphic Designer in June 2016 I have two movies in my biography one of these being my graduate project called RE.MURDERED. Apart from that, I have also dived in many other branches of design like Web design , typography and Illustration.

Haley's Comet by Dramamine, Fokion Xenos (2016, 3' 37")

haleys-comet-by-dramamine-web2D computer animation, Cel drawing, Film drawing, Rotoscope

On a distant planet a badass biker follows the trail of a comet to fulfill his destiny.


Director: Fokion Xenos
Producer: Fokion Xenos
Storyboard: Alexandros Apostolakis
Artistic Direction: Stefanos Pletsis
Animation: Alexandros Apostolakis, Christos Panagiotou, Yiannis Rallis
Music: Δραμαμίνη (band)
Editing: Fokion Xenos
Graphics: Natalia Qadreh


Stretching the boundaries, Kleopatra Korai (GREECE / SINGAPORE 2015, 1' 01'')

sretching-the-boundaries-web2D computer animation, Rotoscope

Animation short for the opening ceremony of 8thAsean paragames in Singapore,which introduces 15 sports played at the games and celebrate the mental and physical strengths of people of all abilities.


Director: Kleopatra Korai
Producer: Philip Tan
Stroyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing, Graphics: Kleopatra Korai
Music: Sport Singapore


Radiophone, Panos Koutivas (2016, 8' 29")

radiophone-web3D computer animation

"Radiophone" is a animated short film, which tell the story of an adult man and how he found in a awkward situation. The reason could be the radiophone, his mind or something even stanger. The story based in the live broadcast of Orson Welles with the play "War of the Worlds" on October of 1938.


Director: Panos Koutivas
Producer: Panos Koutivas
Storyboard-artistic direction-animation-graphics: Panos Koutivas
Music: Ozzie Nelson - Here Is Hoping
Editing: Panos Koutivas, Karabelas Christos
Sound Design: Stelios Koupetoris


The Prime Ministers, Stefanos Chachamidis (2016, 4' 20")

the-prime-ministers-web3D computer animation

1936: The Year of six Prime Ministers! Six Greek politicians, with the title of that superior political position, deceased that year. That tragic occurrence which happened in a period of political and economic difficulties for the country gave birth to people's different aspects, while for other it brought inspiration. One of them was Markos Vamvakaris who wrote the legendary song "Markos as a Prime Minister", which was to be one of the most representative and all-time classic songs of Rebetiko.


Director: Stefanos Chachamidis
Producer: Stefanos Chachamidis
Animation: Stefanos Chachamidis
Music: Markos Vamvakaris, George Batis


Stefanos Chachamidis is a 3d rigging artist. He has been in the animation industry for more than 10 years, working for various studios in the creation of commercials, animation series and movies."Prime ministers" is his first short film that combines his love for rebetiko music and animation.

Absorbed, Dimitris Armenakis (2016, 8' 27")

absorbed-web2D computer animation, 3D computer animation, Cel drawing, Drawing on paper, Rotoscope

An old man is trying to set up a trap for the hero of the film.


Director: Dimitris Armenakis
Producer: Dimitris Armenakis
Storyboard-artistic direction-animation-editing-graphics: Dimitris Armenakis
Music: Kalong


Waiting for you, Georgia-Vassiliki Serifi & Styliani Giannikopoulou (2016, 3' 11")

waiting-for-you-webPixilation, Photos

When cleanliness becomes neurosis, the mind is besieged by obsessions. A woman trapped in illogical thoughts, cleans her house frantically. Without knowing how and why she bows to compulsion. For her this is the only outlet. But for how long? Her impulse is so strong that controls her brain and leads her to extremes. Is there anything that can save her? Can she escape from irrationality? The only thing she can do is waiting...maybe forever...


Director: Georgia-Vassiliki Serifi & Styliani Giannikopoulou
Producers: Georgia-Vassiliki Serifi & Styliani Giannikopoulou
Storyboard-animation-editing: Georgia-Vassiliki Serifi & Styliani Giannikopoulou
Music: Andreas Sklavenitis


Honeymoon, Magda Candiliari (2016, 17' 31")

honeymoon-web2D computer animation,Rotoscope

This is a story of a couple that fell in love, in America in the 1930s- 1950s . A girl in search of her womanhood and a man capable of true love meet in a story, where one's mind can give birth to disaster and another one's to hope.


Director: Magda Candiliari
Producer: Magda Candiliari
Storyboard-artistic direction-animation-editing-graphics: Magda Candiliari
Music: George Fokas, The Speakeasies Swing Band




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