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Mr Sand, Soetkin Verstegen (DENMARK/ BELGIUM 2016, 8' 15'')

mr-sand-webDrawing on paper, Puppets, Rotoscope

A dreamy animated documentary about the dangers of early cinema. The atmosphere of old film theatres is recalled through a mixture of handmade techniques. In the back of the story moves Mr Sand, a mysterious character. Real or imagined?


Director: Soetkin Verstegen
Producer: The Animation Workshop
Storyboard-animation-editing: Soetkin Verstegen
Music: Andrea Martignoni


Soetkin Verstegen studied Audiovisual Arts in Brussels and Cultural Studies in Leuven, Belgium. She works as a freelancer for animation studios and television. For the production of Mr Sand she was granted the AniDox Residency at the Animation Workshop in Denmark.

Ugly but Good, Jordan Wong (UNITED STATES 2016, 4' 18'')

ugly-but-good-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper, Photos

Learning to be at peace with eventualities and things you know you can't ever know.


Director:-Producer Jordan Wong
Storyboard-graphics-animation-music-editing: Jordan Wong
Voice: Andy Kim


Him (film); producer, director, animator, sound designer. 2 minutes. USA: 2013.
Don't Worry, I'll Do It (film); producer, director, animator, sound designer.
4 minutes. USA: 2014.
ugly but good (film); producer, director, animator, sound designer. 4 minutes. USA: 2016

Noevus, Samuel Yal (FRANCE 2016, 8')

noevus-webCut-out animation, Stop-motion

Fragments of porcelain, enamels and rust ... Nœvus explores the mystery of femininity and choreographs a metamorphosis.


Director: Samuel Yal
Producer: Florian Duval
Animation-editing-graphics: Samuel Yal
Music: Raphaël Marechal


Samuel Yal is an artist and a filmmaker. His sculptures have been exhibited in numerous places, in France and abroad. For several years, his work seeks to combine installations and ceramics. He have also run animation workshops, and collaborated on several stop motion productions (series, shorts...). The film "Nœvus" was an opportunity, and a challenge, to combine the two artistic practices: animation and porcelain. Filmography: "L'Oiseau" (Double Mètre Animation, 2009)

Blind Vaysha, Theodore Ushev (CANADA 2016, 8' 13'')

blind-vaysha-still-web2D computer animation

Vaysha is not like other young girls; she was born with one green eye and one brown eye. But her odd eyes aren't the only thing that's special about her gaze. Her left eye sees only the past. Her right, only the future.
The film is based on the short story "Blind Vaysha" by Georgi Gospodinov.


Director Theodore Ushev
Producer: Marc Bertrand
Storyboard-graphics-animation: Theodore Ushev
Editing: Serge Verreault
Music: Mandra composed by Nikola Gruev (performed by Kottarashky from the album Opa Hey!, published by Asphalt Tango Records 2009 / Music for the funeral of Queen Mary, Z. 860 Burial Service March By Henry Purcell (performed by Oxford Camerata, courtesy of Naxos of America)


Theodore Ushev was born in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, in 1968 and graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. He first made a name for himself as a poster artist in his native country before settling in Montreal in 1999. Ushev found fertile ground for developing his own original artistic style at the National Film Board of Canada. The Man Who Waited and Tzaritza (2006) quickly earned the respect of audiences and peers, as did his acclaimed trilogy on the relationship between art and power: Tower Bawher (2006), Drux Flux (2008) and Gloria Victoria (2013). With Vertical (2003), Sou (2004) and Demoni (2012), Ushev solidified his reputation as an inquisitive and daring artist by exploring new content-delivery platforms. His 16-time award winner Lipsett Diaries (2010), narrated by Xavier Dolan, examined the pioneering work and tragic destiny of Canadian filmmaker Arthur Lipsett. Ushev quickly followed with Nightingale in December (2011), Joda (2012) and Third Page from the Sun (2014), a scathing reflection on the future of books. In Blood Manifesto (2014), a poetic and ferocious short which Ushev animated with his own blood, he ponders whether ideals are worth spilling blood for. His latest project, Blind Vaysha (2015), is a philosophical tale about the importance of living in the moment.

Round Trip: Mary, Zharko Ivanov (F.Y.R. of MACEDONIA 2015, 9' 47'')

round-trip-mary-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper

In a small village a young cowgirl is rounding up her cattle and preparing herself for a trip to the town. On her way there she meets different people in different sceneries.
In the town she is attracted by the cinema building and the film posters.
The girl enters the cinema for the first time...


Director: Zharko Ivanov
Producer: Zharko Ivanov
Storyboard-artistic direction-animation: Aleksandar Zafirovski
Editing: Krste Gospodinovski, Goce Cvetanovski
Music:Oliver Josifovski


Personal Info •Date of birth: 28/04/1976 •Place of birth: Skopje, Macedonia •Address: Bagdadska 26/1-3, Skopje •Contact: +389 70266745 •Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Educational Background •Bachelor of Languages and Literature - Skopje Major: Russian Language and Literature and Italian Language and Literature •Film School - Sofia Major: Photography and Cinematography •University Ss. Cyril and Methodius - Skopje M.A. in Cultural Studies Director: •Short animated film: Round Trip: monk (production), •Short animated film: Crime and punishment (pre-production), •Short animated film: Round Trip: Mary, •Short animated film: Round Trip: shadow (post-production), •Music documentary: La route des fills du vent, •Music documentary: Bace tour, (post-production) •Music documentary: Uskakan, (production)

Sore Eyes For Infinity, Elli Vuorinen (FINLAND 2015, 11' 32'')

sore-eyes-for-infinity-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper

An optician grows tired of seeing the world too clearly and her inevitable involvement in its defects.


Director: Elli Vuorinen
Producer: Terhi Väänänen
Storyboard-graphics-animation-editing: Elli Vuorinen
Music: Jani Lehto


Sore Eyes For Infinity (2016) Wormhole (2016), co-directed with Anikistit Sock Skewer Street 8 (2013) The Tongueling (2010) Benigni (2009)

Life before Life, Rao Heidmets (ESTONIA 2016, 7' 40'')

life-before-life-webCut-out animation, Puppets

The newborn butterfly Bruno flies into the wide world to look for something better, not realizing that he was born at the best place ever. A vicious bush is drawing Bruno like a magnet. And just before landing on a leaf, Bruno is eaten up. Only the wings remain fall from the leaves. Through a mist, they are taken to another world.


Director: Rao Heidmets
Producer: Rao Heidmets
Storyboard-graphics: Rao Heidmets
Animation: Priit Tender, Leo Lätti, Eneli Kelli, Morten Tsinakov, Pauline Heidmets, Lucija Mrzljak
Editing: Rao Heidmets, Urmas Jõemees
Music: Sven Grünberg


Rao Heidmets was born in 1956 in Pärnu, Estonia. He graduated from the Tallinn Technical University, faculty of electro-energetics as the engineer of electric networks and systems. After the finishing university in 1982 he changed career and went to the «Tallinnfilm» studios to make animated films.
TUVITÄDI, ( DOVE AUNT) director, animator. puppetfilm, 1983
NURIL, (NURIL) director, animator puppetfilm,1985
KAELKIRJAK, GIRAFE) director puppetfilm,1986
SERENAAD, (SERENADE) director, writer, co-art designer puppetfilm,1987
PAPA CARLO TEATER, (THEATRE PAPA CARLO) director, co-writer. Puppetfilm1988
NOBLESSE OBLIGE, (NOBLESSE OBLIGE) director, co-writer puppetfilm1989
PÄKAPIKUPUU, (ELFS TREE) director, writer puppetfilm, 1991
ELUTUBA, (LIVINGROOM) director, writer pixallation, 1994
KALLIS HÄRRA Q, (DEAR MISTER MOON ) producer, director, co-writer 92 min. feature film, 1998
BIRTHDAY CAKE co-director commercial 1998
HEINALOOM, (GRASSBIRD) producer, director, script. 34 min. feature film, 2001
COLLECTIVE WITCHCRAFT commercial director ,script commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2
IRRESISTIBLE OPPORTUNITIES commercial director ,script puppetfilm 1 min. 2003
GRAVITY MIRACLE commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2003
JEWELERY ADDICTION commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min.2003
ENIGMATICAL LOVER commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2003
INSTINKT ( INSTINCT) director, writer puppetfilm 2003
CONQUISTADOR commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2005
CRAZY HOUR commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2005
PÄRLIMEES (THE PEARLMAN) director,script, designer puppet 12 min. 2006
PROHVETI SÜND (Oracle is Born...?...) director,script, puppet 13 min.2011
MUNA ( The Egg) direktor,script , mixed 5 min. 2013
ELU ENNE ELU ( Life Before Life) director , mixed animation 7'40'´ 2017 (RHF Stuudio )

Artist and Hooligans, Ivan Maximov, Anna Romanova (RUSSIA 2016, 11' 33'')

Artist and hooligans-web2D computer animation, Cut-out animation

Mischievous manipulations with the artist's Voitsekhovsky paintings.


Director: Ivan Maximov, Anna Romanova
Producer: Liubov Gaydukova
Storyboard-graphics-animation-editing: Ivan Maximov, Anna Romanova
Music: Alexander Muravyev


Ivan Maximov was born on 19 November 1958 in Moscow. From 1976 - 1982 studied at the Physical-Technical Institute in Moscow. In 1988 graduated High Courses of Film directors and Scriptwriters. 1982-1986 he was an engineer at the Russian Space Research Institute. In 1995 Maximov has found his own "virtual studio IVAN MAXIMOV". Freelance taught animation directing at the Riga Telecenter (1990-91), VGIK (since 2002) and the School-Studio "SHAR" (since 2004). Worked as illustrator in newspapers, magazines, books. Creator of logos and brand character. Member of the the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science "Nika". There are more than 20 films in Ivan Maximov's filmography, that were honored with awards at many famous international film festivals/

Anna Romanova
was born on 26.06.1983 in Krasnoyarsk area. Studied Arts and Design in University, then studied Art critics and Journalism in PRO ARTE foundation. In 2013 graduated SHAR school-studio and in 2014 made her graduation film "One Turtle". Participated in art exhibitions and animation workshops. Makes long-term documentary project on modern child literature, writers and readers.

Solar Box, Lukáš Sigmund (SLOVAKIA 2016, 00' 57'')

solar-box-webDrawing on paper

Exposition, collision, climax, peripeteia and resolution, five basic pillars of Aristotelian storytelling, are condensed to their bare minimum: Blue protagonist vs. red antagonist. Circle shaped signal vs. triangle shaped signal.

Solar Box is a strictly structured fight for existence in 5 parts of 5 sequences of 5 shots of 5 frames.


Director-Producer: Lukáš Sigmund
Storyboard-graphics-animation-editing-music: Lukáš Sigmund


Lukáš Sigmund is a screenwriter and animator born in Bratislava, Slovakia. Apart from writing, organising International Animation Festival Fest Anča, and writing for film magazine Kinečko, he is also producing and performing experimental noise music.

Satie's "Parade", Koji Yamamura (JAPAN, 2016, 14')

saties-parade-webDrawing on paper

A Parade for 3 managers & 4 performers. Mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satie's essays with the music Parade, this is an animated re-creation of realist ballet images going beyond reality.


Director-Ρroducer: Koji Yamamura
Storyboard-graphics-animation-editing: Koji Yamamura
Music: Erik Satie, Willem Breuker


Born 1964 in Japan. Mt. Head (02) was nominated for an OscarⓇ in 2003, and awarded the 6 Grand Prix include Annecy 03, Zagreb 04 and Hiroshima 04. Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor (07) awarded the Grand Prix at Ottawa. A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, A professor of Tokyo University of the Arts.



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