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Don't lose your head, Carolina Specht (POLAND 2015, 4')

dont-lose-your-head-web2D computer animation

"Don't Lose Your Head" – a short animation using drawing and 2D techniques. It is a visual story about how easy it is to lose one's head. A white head rolls slowly towards the centre of a black screen. One event triggers an avalanche of others. The visual side of the film develops with the film narration. Starting from simple compositions through successive number of layouts and density of forms up to the final scenes full of colours like in a kaleidoscope. An abundance of thoughts, relations and connections leads to a tragic ending.


Director: Karolina Specht
Producer: Marcin Malatynski
Storyboard: Karolina Specht
Animation: Karolina Specht
Editing: Karolina Specht


Karolina Specht – Born in 1991 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Graduate of Secondary School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz. Currently an animation and special effects student at The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. She is an animator and a graphic designer.

Ariadne's Thread, Claude Luyet (SWITZERLAND 2015, 13')

ariadnes-thread-300dpi-2-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper

Ariadne is playing with a ball. She is interrupted, as her mother calls her inside. She loses her ball, along with her childhood. The 20th Century and Ariadne's life plays out on her balcony. As Ariadne nears the end of her life, she regains her lost childhood.


Director: Claude Luyet
Producer: Claude Luyet
Storyboard: Claude Luyet
Animation: Sebastien Godard
Music: Christophe Heral
Editing: Claude Luyet, Jonathan Lascar


Claude Luyet • Born in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 9th 1948
Biography : Claude Luyet studied graphic design in the 1960's and then founded Studio GDS in 1970, with Georges Schwizgebel et Daniel Suter, in order to produce commissioned films and personal short films.
Filmography: Patchwork (1970, 18'), Ricochet (1973, 5'30), Marché noir (1977, 2'40), Questions d'optiques (1986, 8'), Academy Leader Variation (1987, 6'30), Le Carré de lumière (1992, 5'), Robert Creep, une vie de chien (1994, 26'), Cyclades (1996, 25'), Rush (2004, 3'), Animatou (2007, 5'36).

The Man Who Fell Up, Ebele Okoye (GERMANY 2016, 2')

the-man-who-fell-up-web2D computer animation

A man slips while descending the stairs and falls wrongly, but actually correctly. "The Man Who Fell Up" explores the illogical as an abstract form of logical expression. From the poem of the same title written by Ebele Okoye.


Director: Ebele Okoye
Producer: Ebele Okoye
Storyboard-animation-editing: Ebele Okoye


Ebele Okoye, has been working as an independent animator since 2006.
She studied Graphic design/Illustration, did a PG in African Studies, before furthering in Animation at the International Film School Cologne.
She is a two time Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) winner with numerous other animation awards, from the Robert Bosch Foundation, The Zebra poetry film festival Berlin, the Animae Caribe Animation and New media festival and AFRIFF, amongst others
Twice, her art has also earned her certificates of special recognition, by the California state legislature for outstanding service to the community through animation.
She is also active as a painter, media designer and branding expert,
Some of her works can be seen at

Bug, Francesca Marinelli & Dario Trovato (ITALY 2016, 5')

bug-web2D computer animation, Live action

An evening like many others, three friends sit around a table discussing one of the most universal themes known to human kind: happiness. Torn apart by different viewpoints, they inevitably clash with their limits, revealing a deep existential instability.


Director: Francesca Marinelli and Dario Trovato
Producer: Francesca Marinelli and Dario Trovato
Storyboard: Francesca Marinelli and Dario Trovato
Artistic direction-animation: Francesca Marinelli
Music- editing-sound: Dario Trovato


FRANCESCA MARINELLI was born on Ocotober 3rd 1985 in Latina and now lives in Angoulême. After studying at Turin's National School of Animation, she worked for two years as character designer and animator for a Florence-based animation studio. Francesca is currently working as a freelancer in the fields of short films, animated TV series and commercials. She has always had a strong passion for drawing, color and stories. Her works were featured in several contests, showcasing her transversal interest in illustration, comics and animation.
"In viaggio" (2011)
"Mamma mia" (2013)

DARIO TROVATO was born on the 15th of February 1979 in Cagliari, Sardegna. He currently lives and works in Florence. After graduating in communication at the University of Trieste and earning a master's degree in Multimedia Content Design at the University of Florence, Dario starts working at the prestigious Misseri animation studio, perfecting his skills in the audiovisual post-production of stop-motion animated series. Ensuing this experience, Dario dedicates the following seven years to building his freelance video-making career. He now mainly devotes his time and work to Balzo, a Florence-based company specialized in video-game and mobile app development. Since 2006 he has been constantly creating films and self-produced animations.

In the crosshairs, Marziyeh Kheirkhah (IRAN 2016, 5' 17")

in-the-crosshairs-webSand animation

The story is about a soldier who finds a bird's nest with eggs in the tank tube. Despite his inner desire, he is forced to enter the war to blow up a village as his commander has ordered. After explosion, we realize that soldier has taken the nest out of the tank before getting on. Chick starts to break out of egg. Suffering from the war, the soldier becomes so happy of seeing chick. Being hopeful, happily comes out of tank when he realizes being targeted by another tank.


Director: Marziyeh Kheirkhah
Producer: Hamid Reza Javi
Storyboard: Morteza Shad
Animation: Marziyeh Kheirkhah
Music: Omid Raiesdana
Editing: Mohsen Kheirabadi


Born 09/07/1984 in Iran. She is MA of Animation. She made her first animation "In the crosshais" as a graduate project. 2016- In the crosshairs

Position, Mashaallah Mohammadi (IRAN 2016, 5' 03")

position-webDrawing on paper

A man and a tree play music together, a letter shows up suddenly and changes everything...


Director: Mashaallah Mohammadi
Producer: Hawze honari kordestan
Storyboard- artistic direction-animation-graphics: Mashaallah Mohammadi
Music: Rabeh Eftekhari
Editing: Mostafa Habibi


2-other being

The Wild Boar, Bella Szederkényi (GERMANY / FRANCE / HUNGARY 2016, 13' 32")

the-wild-boar-web2D computer animation, Internet software

A homeless orphan, an animalistic little kid escapes the big city into the darkness of the woods. It is there that the kid meets a creature mightier than ever imagined.


Director: Bella Szederkényi
Producers: Lissi Muschol, Thomas Schmidt, Christian Popp
Storyboard: Bella Szederkényi
Music: Fabrizio Tentoni
Editing: David Hartmann


Bella Szederkényi is a Hungarian animation director, designer and teacher.
She completed her MA degree as an animation artist at the Hungarian MOME University with the animated short film ORSOLYA. The film has won several prizes, and was selected for the competition programmes of many prestigious international animation festivals.
She also took part in various different workshops (ASF, [email protected]), and spent one semester at the ASFA University in Athens.
Since 2010 she has been lecturing at the animation department of MOME, and has completed 3 years research into 'online content development' for her DLA degree.
In 2015 she founded the Cub Animation Studio with her colleague Bálint Farkas Gelley.

Lethe, Kat Michaelides (UNITED KINGDOM 2016, 8' 40")

Lethe-web2D computer animation

Two childhood friends, Damia and Eris, discover a mysterious pool of water in a nearby forest on their last day together.


Director: Kat Michaelidis
Producer: Jake Riley Hunte
Storyboard-animation: Kat Michaelidis
Music: Jessica Jones
Editing: Meredith Mantik
Writers: Cristina Barletta and Kat Michaelides
Sound Design: Eleanor Nicholls


Kat Michaelides is a 2d Animation Director, who graduated from the National Film & Television School in 2016. Before this she interned as an assistant animation director on one section of the feature film, 'A Liar's Autobiography' and worked on various music videos, including a Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap's official video, after graduating in digital animation from Falmouth University.

She is is an animation and illustration obsessive, enjoys mixing techniques and bringing out the surreal.

Casino, Steven Woloshen (CANADA 2016, 3' 55")

casino-webDrawing on film

A film for my Father who gambled with love.


Director: Steven Woloshen
Producer: Steven Woloshen
Storyboard - animation: Steven Woloshen
Music: Oscar Peterson
Editing: Steven Woloshen


Steven Woloshen was born in Laval, Canada in 1960. He holds a master's degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University. For more than 30 years, he has passionately created over 50 award-winning, abstract films and time-based installations for festivals, galleries and museums. Twice nominated for Canada's Governor General's award, he has received numerous research and creation grants and, most recently, was awarded the 2015 Wiesbaden Lifetime Achievement Award. Woloshen is a teacher, film conservationist, animator, craftsman and the author of two books, Recipes for Reconstruction: The Cookbook for the Frugal Filmmaker (2010), a hands-on manual for decay, renewal and other handmade, analogue film techniques, and Scratch, Crackle & Pop! A Whole Grains Approach to Making Films without a Camera (2015). Under his own banner, Scratchatopia, Woloshen has hosted solo retrospectives and taught handmade filmmaking techniques at workshops and master classes in Argentina, Morocco, USA, Slovenia, Australia, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Mexico as well as across Canada.

Superbia, Luca Tóth (HUNGARY / CZECH REPUBLIC / SLOVAKIA 2015, 15 '43")

superbia-web2D computer animation

The native people of the surrealistic land of Superbia, where men and women form separate societies, face the changes sparked by the first equal couple in their history.


Director: Luca Tóth
Producers: Péter Benjámin Lukács, Martin Vandas, Juraj Krasnohorsky, Gábor Osváth
Storyboard-animation-editing: Luca Tóth
Music: Csaba Kalotás
Sound: Péter Benjámin Lukács


Born in 1989 in Hungary, Luca Tóth studied animation at the Moholy¬ Nagy School of Design (MOME) in Budapest and at the Royal College of Art in London. She received a number of awards for he graduation short film The Age of Curious, such as the jury distinction at the Annecy IAFF or a special mention at the ITF in Stuttgart. Her new film 'Superbia' debuted at the Cannes Semaine de la Critique, as the only animation in competition.



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