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Once upon a time in a community

Only Lovers Leave to Die, Vladimir Kanic (CANADA / CROATIA 2015, 6' 38")

only-lovers-leave-to-die-webCut-out animation, Drawing on film

Emily begins perceiving the world as it was made from painted film stock shortly after being injured in an accident. On her way to a hospital, a story of love, death, passion and loss unfold through dialogues of characters surrounding her, each represented with a different pattern of film stock [edited by festival team].


Director: Vladimir Kanic
Producer: Valetina Oresic
Storyboard-animation-editing: Vladimir Kanic


Vladimir D. Kanic is a versatile interdisciplinary artist whose diverse practice spans filmmaking, photography, music, visual art and computer science. He uses different artistic and tech tools to create art outside of the scope of traditional boundaries. His short fiction and animation films have been playing at renowned film festivals and had won multiple international awards, and he has also held multiple solo international art exhibitions and interactive performances.

Sea Child, Minha Kim (UNITED KINGDOM 2015, 7' 30")

sea-child-webDrawing on paper

On the verge of becoming a woman, Sora is woken by a nightmare and decides to follow a group of men into the city in the hope of finding her mom.


Director: Minha Kim
Producer: National Film and Television School
Storyboard: Islay Bell-Webb
Artistic Direction: Daniel Warren
Animation: Minha Kim, Siwon Kim, Lenka Dobranska
Music: Antonio Nardi
Editing: Michele Chiappa


Minha Kim (Busan, South Korea, 03/25/1989) Award winning director based in London. She graduated at the National Film and Television School in England. Her most recent film SEA CHILD (2015) has won multiple awards such as Best Student Film at Cut Out Fest in Mexico, Anibar Animation Festival at Kosovo and European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA in Serbia. Other films: Ice Cream Simon (2013), In the dark (2012), Vicious Circle (2011), Rabbit and Turtle (2011) and Crow's eye view (2010)

FILMOGRAPHY: Directed Sea Child(2015), Ice Cream Simon(2013), In the dark(2012), Vicious Circle(2011), Rabbit and Turtle(2011), Crow's eye view(2010)

No-Go Zone, Atelier Collectif (BELGIUM 2016, 10')


'No-go zone' chronicles the daily life of the last man remained in the red zone after the evacuation of the Fukushima area and the nuclear power plant accident.


Director: Atelier Collectif
Producer: Zorobabel
Storyboard-animation: Atelier Collectif
Music: Carole & Hitoshi Kojo
Editing: Frédéric Fichefet


The Atelier Collectif (Collective Workshop) is an animation workshop for non-professionals, gathered around animated short film projects. Every decision is taken by the group, from the script to the sound design. These films are created with professional means and transferred to 35 mm film. They collected about 20 prizes (Brussels, France, Russia, Portugal, Japan, etc.). 'No-go zone' is the 16th film of the Atelier Collectif.

Tango, Francisco Gusso & Pedro Giongo (Brazil 2016, 12' 30")

tango-webCut-out animation

After years of drought, a mystic potato sprouts in the remote springs of the Aiatak River. Soon, everything will be ready for the great ritual of Tango. For the people, this is the beginning of a new era. Inspired by the short story "A Hunger Artist" by Franz Kafka, "Tango" is a plunge into human nature and its contradictions.


Directors Francisco Gusso, Pedro Giongo
Producers: Antonio Junior, Francisco Gusso, Lígia Teixeira, Pedro Giongo
Storyboard: Francisco Gusso, Pedro Giongo
Artsistic Direction-animation: Francisco Gusso, Jéssica Luz, Pedro Giongo
Music: Francisco Gusso, Pedro Giongo
Editing: Pedro Giongo
Graphics: Francisco Gusso, Pedro Giongo


Francisco Gusso and Pedro Giongo directed together two stop-motion animations shorts, Nightmare Park (2015) and Tango (2016), plus a handful of visual projects for movies, festivals, books and other artists.

Once upon three times, Nicola Bianco-Lévrin & Julie Rembauville (FRANCE 2016, 3' 23")

once-upon-three-times-web2D computer animation

Drawing around a table, five kids are questioning the apparition of the first human being on earth. Where did he come from? This interrogation leads the little group to a series of wacky arguments and bloody explanations.


Directors: Nicola Bianco-Lévrin and Julie Rembauville
Producer: Sébastien Hussenot/Brigitte Pardo/Pascale Faure
Storyboard-animation-editing: Nicolas Bianco-Lévrin and Julie Rembauville
Music: Maxence Camelin


Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville are prolific animation film­makers and children's book authors who have worked together regularly since 2003. They have co-directed 27 short films using various techniques (stop-motion, paper cut-out and drawings). These include Baptistin l'imbattable (2006), Ailleurs (2008), [R] (2010) and Ben Hora (2010), It's a dog's life (2012), Minoule (2014), all of which made their mark at several international festivals. In 2006, their book La rue et le machino and companion film Le machino won the Encre et sels d'argent award for graphic design in the book-DVD category from France's Centre international d'études en littérature jeunesse (CIELJ). They are currently developing a new film based on Bianco-Levrin's book series Kroak. It's a Dog's Life is the duo's first collaboration with the NFB, and was co-produced with Folimage after winning the SACD short film project award at the 2010 Annecy International Animation Festival.

Playground, Francis Gavelle & Claire Inguimberty (FRANCE 2016, 9' 05")

playground-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper

Bruno loves Delphine very much... Delphine loves Jerome very much... Jerome stares at Marjorie... Marjorie doesn't love her father nor her mother any more.


Directors: Francis Gavelle & Claire Inguimberty
Producer: Fabrice Préel-Cléach
Storyboard: Francis Gavelle
Animation: Claire Inguimberty
Music: Sabrina Duval
Editing: Antoine Le Bihen


Claire Inguimberty When she was a child, she liked writing stories and drawing. She continued after high school with cinema studies. She learned editing at BTS Jacques Prévert. After one year in drawing prepa, she joining EMCA (Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation) in Angoulême. During three years, she experimented animation techniques and discovered an exciting environment. After being graduated, she realized her first professional short film, co-directed with Francis Gavelle: "Cour de récré" (Playground).

Francis Gavelle Born in the suburbs of Paris, in 1963. French critic, Francis Gavelle is, since 1998, the producer of a show dedicated to literature, music and cinema for an independant radio (Radio Libertaire). From 2001 to 2011, he worked as member of the Short Film Commission, for the Cannes Film Festival's Critics' Week, and was, in 2012, juree of the "Caméra d'or Prize". Otherwise, he is a member of the animation committee for the Césars (the french Academy Awards) and initiated, in 2015, for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the "André Martin Award Jury".

Refugee, Ayhan Ünlü (TURKEY 2016, 6' 32")

refugee-web2D computer animation

A short story about being a refugee told by music and animation.


Director: Ayhan Ünlü
Producer: Ayhan Ünlü
Storyboard-animation-editing: Ayhan Ünlü
Music: Fazıl Say


Ayhan Ünlü 1961 Ankara

1993 The One Thousand and the First Night
1995 Kids Ballad
2005 Song of the Moon
2008 Africa
2012 Chiken
2015 İmpressions for Piano (11 short story )
2015 Her daim bir Gülnihal
2016 Birds of Pau
2016 Refugee
2016 Delirium

Nowhere line: voices from Manus island, Lukas Schrank (AUSTRALIA / UNITED KINGDOM 2015, 15' 16")

nowhere-line-web2D computer animation

Two asylum-seeking men detained in Australia's Manus Island Offshore Processing Centre, recounting the dangerous journeys that brought them to the island and their memories of the riot that erupted in 2014.


Director: Lukas Schrank
Producer: Visitor Studio
Animation: Lukas Schrank and Marissa Rossi
Music: Ian King
Editing: Chris Ward


Lukas Schrank (London, 1984) is a British director and animator based between London and Melbourne, his work spans the genres of documentary and science fiction but is unified by common themes of isolation and confinement. Alongside his film work, Lukas is part of Visitor Studio, an award-winning creative studio working in VFX and animation for films and television.

The bridge over the river, Jadwiga Kowalska (SWITZERLAND 2016, 5' 45")

the-bridge-over-the-river-web2D computer animation, Cut-out animation, Drawing on film

A man on a bridge, separated from the love of his life. Wanting to be with her one last time, he decides to go and seek her in the hereafter.


Director: Jadwiga Kowalska
Producer: Jadwiga Kowalska
Artistic direction-animation: Jadwiga Kowalska
Music: Roland Bucher & Christian Aregger
Editing: Fee Liechti


Born 1982 in Bern CH, Polish & Swiss citizenship, Jadwiga is an independent animation filmmaker and illustrator based in Switzerland. She studied at HSLU Lucerne (Animation/Illustration) and ASP Kraków (Animation). In 2009 she received the Swiss Film Award for "Tôt ou tard" (Best Animation Film). Since 2009 she's working above all on her own short animated films and children's books. Besides that she's very regular guest lecturer at different Art Schools.

Bingo!, Patrick Schoenmaker (THE NETHERLANDS 2015, 2' 40")

Bingo still1-web2D computer animation

The seclusive retirement home Afterglow is a depressing end station. Fortunately, feisty elderly Gerda has one spark of joy: the weekly Bingo night. When she is one blank short of winning the game and the tiny ball suddenly disappears, she starts an absurd search in which she is willing to go to extreme lengths in order to get the outcome of that night's bingo game.


Director: Patrick Schoenmaker
Producer: Daan Velsink
Storyboard-artistic direction: Patrick Schoenmaker
Animation: Bob Wolkers, Florian Walraven, Merel van den Broek, Nicole Derksen
Voice: Tosca Niterink


Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Patrick Schoenmaker (1980) has been working as a professional designer since 1999. Starting as a comic book artist, he decided to pursue a career in animation soonafter. He graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2009 with his short, 'the Itch', which won multiple awards at film festivals worldwide. In 2006 he worked on the feature film "The Secret of Kells" as a keyposing artist. He currently works a member of the animators collective "Frame Order" as a designer and storyboard artist. Patrick also designs prints and trading cards for various Lucasfilm properties.

Creatures, Tessa Moult-Milewska (POLAND 2015, 10')

creatures-web2D computer animation, Cut-out animation

A grotesque love story about Harold and Matylda, two caricatures of people, trying to face social ostracism. They uptake a quest to manipulate their obscene image to the better. The rough form of cut-out animation inspired by the works of Roald Dahl, Lotte Reiniger and Edward Gorey brings us into a unpredictable and eclectic world of dark imagination, finally asking the question: who in fact are the Creatures?


Director: Tessa Moult-Milewska
Producer: Ewa Jastrzebska
Storyboard: Tessa Moult-Milewska
Animation: Wojciech Sankiewicz
Music: Krzysztof A. Janczak
Editing: Jakub Sobek


Tessa Moult-Milewska – scholar of the Warsaw Film School and post-graduate of the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisk, Czech Republic. Director of the awarded animation "The Designer"(2012) and "Spider and Flies"(2013). Winner of the film competition of the Polish Television Channel for creative tallents "Dolina Kreatywna". Owner of Indemind Studio.



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