Festival Awards 2015

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bethere2015-poster-nosponsors-300dpi-600All the winners of the 5th Be there! Corfu Animatiion Festival.


Open Air: 75 years of Pinocchio

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pinocchio1940Disney's masterpiece celebrates its 75 years, and comes to Be there! in an open-air screening.


Feature film panorama: Jossot (Europe 7)

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JOSSOT titre film-web Jossot, from Gustave to Abdul Karim, Marc Faye (FRANCE, 2014), 54’
2D computer animatiom

In 1905, just before the law separating Church and State was signed,Gustave Jossot, a gifted, nonconformist, anti-clerical, anti-just-about-everykind-of-authority caricaturist and poster maker, drew one of France’s first political posters. When in 1913 he moved to Tunisia and converted to Islam, he was once again defying the ideas of his time.

The film explores Jossot's world, North and South. Gustave Jossot inspired the new generation of French caricaturists : Siné, Cabus, Charb, Honoré, Riss, Tignous, Besse, Lolmede, Luz, Willem, Catherine. The team of Charlie Hebdo, Siné Mensuel and Le canard enchainé often referenced his work.

Director: Marc Faye
Producer: Marc Faye and Christophe Camoirano
Storyboard: Marc Faye
Artistic Direction, Animation: Antoine Dufour
Music: Thomas Gallet
Sound: Agnès Szabo

Festival screenings / Awards
Escales Documentaires, La Rochelle; EDOC, Quito, Equator; FIFOG, Genève

The Animator Sings: The Rains of Castamere

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DIRECTOR Aristarchos Papadaniel-web-got Inspired by HBO TV series Game of Thrones created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and the series of epic fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire by author George R.R. Martin, the director-animator Aristarchos Papadaniel created a short animated film, which acts as an "animated choreography of departures" based on the series’ song The Rains of Castamere composed by Ramin Djawadi.

The film has been made with the technique of rotoscope animation.

Emblematic scenes of the series have been chosen, allowing for a new cinematic approach combined with the specific song. In particular, in the second part of the song, with a small change in two verses· the interest refocuses from the proud Lord of Castamere -which reference to his face works symbolically- to the young Lord Tyrion and the fatal relationship with his tyrant father, Tywin.

Film creator Aristarchos Papadaniel launches the new Be there! Corfu Animation Festival programme, “Τhe Animator Sings” and sings a cappella his own awarded film.



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