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From antiquity to cut-outs.

Au pair, Tatu Pohjavirta & Mark Ståhle (FINLAND 2016, 13')

au pair press photo 1-web

2D computer animation, Cut-out animation

Woman becomes an Au pair for a single man's cardboard family.


Director: Tatu Pohjavirta & Mark Ståhle
Producer: Tatu Pohjavirta & Tomi Riionheimo
Storyboard: Tatu Pohjavirta
Artistic Direction: Mark Ståhle
Animation: Tatu Pohjavirta & Mark Ståhle
Music: Petri Mattila
Editing: Tatu Pohjavirta
Graphics: Mark Ståhle


Mark Ståhle was born in 1971. He studied animation at Turku Arts Academy. Since then he has worked as animator, illustrator and teacher of animation and arts.
Tatu Pohjavirta has born in 1977 in Helsinki, Finland. He studied animation at Turku Arts Academy. After graduation 2001 he has worked as editor, animator, director and teacher of animation.

Minotaur, Karlis Vitols (LATVIA 2016, 8' 30")

minotaur-webPaint on glass

A story of a small Minotaur who tries to find playmates in the endless labyrinth while his Dad is at work. He only manages to meet mythological characters busy with their own ambitions.


Director: Karlis Vitols
Producer: Līga Gaisa
Storyboard: Karlis Vitols
Artistic Direction-animation-graphics-editing: Karlis Vitols
Music: Jekabs Nimanis
Sound: Ernests Ansons


Karlis Vitols b.1979 Graduated Latvian Art Academy as Painter. Self taught animator. Made first 16mm animation movie in 1998. since then made about 10films, He was the first Latvian who made Computer stop-motion animation film The Trophy and long time was working digital. Now in recent worksI am moving back to "Hand Made Animation". Film Eclipse was included in Annecy 2010 official selection. Recent work Minotaur won Latvian National Cinema Prize "Lielais Kristaps" as best animation film 2016.

Neck and Neck, Shaun Clark (UNITED KINGDOM 2016, 5')

neck-and-neck-web2D computer animation

In the marital bed the surreal sensuality enveloping Othello and Desdemona is disturbed by a dangling telephone. As the phone pours poison into Othello's mind he transforms into a different entity with detrimental consequences for Desdemona.


Director: Shaun Clark
Producer: Sue Loughlin
Storyboard- artistic Direction - animation: Shaun Clark
Music: Alex Harwood
Editing: Michael Ho
Graphics: Shaun Clark


Shaun Clark is an award winning Filmmaker based in London. He studied animation at the National Film and Television School in the UK. In 2016 he won the London Short film festival and has also won prizes at Clermont Ferrand. Retrospectives of his work have been screened in South Korea and Corfu. Shaun is a Director at the animation collective Mew Lab

Cold Coffee, Stephanie Lansaque and François Leroy (FRANCE 2015, 14' 44")

cold-coffee-web2D computer animation

Saigon, Vietnam. After her mother's death, a young girl has to quit her studies to take over the family cafe. Facing a radical change of life, loneliness and sorrow, she gradually gets confused...


Directors: Stephanie Lansaque and François Leroy
Producer: Marc Jousset
Storyboard-animation-editing: Stephanie Lansaque and François Leroy
Music: Denis Vautrin


Directors: Stephanie Lansaque and Francois Leroy Birth: Stephanie Lansaque: 1978/09/04 in Marseille, France, François Leroy: 1978/05/21 in Caen, France. Biography: Francois Leroy studied animation and Stephanie Lansaque has worked as an art director for magazine and edition. In 2002, they traveled to Asia for the first time. They loved the atmosphere so much that they decided to make their film "Goodbye Mister Chu" which talks about Vietnamese traditions and the lost soul's festival. In 2009, they released "Mei Ling" which takes place in Hong Kong. "Red River, Song Hong", produced in 2012, talks about Vietnam on a more social angle. "Cafe Froid" is their fourth short film. Between two personal projects, they use to work as technicians and directors for the company "Je Suis Bien Content" on TV series, video clip, feature films...

Empty Space, Ülo Pikkov (ESTONIA 2016, 10')


Documentary-based animation about a dream that eventually comes true in a film. A 10-year old girl longed for a puppy as a birthday present. Her dissappointment was very big when instead puppy she got father she had no idea he was still alive. This documentary based film tells a story about a very long-standing dream that kept him alive through many years and actually will come true only now, through this film.


Director: Ülo Pikkov
Producers: Kerdi Oengo, Andrus Raudsalu
Storyboard: Ülo Pikkov
Animation: Marili Sokk
Music: Pärt Uusberg
Editing: Ülo Pikkov


DATE OF BIRTH June, 15, 1976 EDUCATION PhD studies at Estonian Academy of Arts, (started 2011, ongoing) Graduated from the Institute of Law, University of Tartu in 2005. Graduated from the Turku School of Art and Media (Finland) in 1998. Graduated from the Tallinn Secondary School No. 49 in 1994. DIRECTED FILMS 2016 EMPTY SPACE 10´ / stop motion 2015 TIK TAK ( 9') mixed / stop motion 2013 ADA + OTTO ( 20'34'' ) / cartoon animation 2013 THE MARRIAGE OF THE CROW (21' / cartoon animation ) 2012 THE END (6' / experimental film ) 2011 BODY MEMORY (10' / stop-motion animation film) 2008 DIALOGOS (5' / cartoon animation) 2008 PORTRAIT (8' / experimental film) 2008 BLOW (8' / experimental film) 2007 TABLEMAT OF BALTIC SEA (2' / animated poem from a film BLACK CEILING) 2006 TASTE OF LIFE (11'40'' / cartoon animation) 2003-2005 FRANK AND WENDY (animated series & feature co-directed by P. Pärn, P. Tender, K. Jancis / 7 x 9,5' / 75') 2003 THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY (11'51'' / cartoon animation) 2001 SUPERLOVE (52'' / cartoon animation) 2001 THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN (11'07'' / cartoon animation) 1998 BERMUDA (10'54'' / cartoon animation) 1996 RUMBA (3'30" / cartoon animation) 1996 CAPPUCCINO (4'30'' / cartoon animation)

High Summer, Josselin Facon (FRANCE 2016, 5'49")

high-summer-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper

A troubling moment in the balminess of a summer in the countryside. While gardening, a young man sees his mother as a woman for the first time.


Director: Josselin Facon
Producer: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal
Storyboard: Josselin Facon & Marine Chaplais
Animation: Josselin Facon & Félix Kerjean
Music: Aram Khachaturian
Editing: Josselin Facon


Gratuated from l'École des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation, Josselin is working as an animation graphist for Miyu Productions. « High Summer » is his first produced film.

The Legacy of Rubies, Ebele Okoye (GERMANY / NIGERIA 2015, 28')

the-legacy-of-rubies-web2D computer animation

Mfalme, a young forest boy is kidnapped and brought to the strange palace of Airegin, with the claim that he is the blood son of the dying King Obankosi and the chosen successor to the throne. Not just that, he is given a mandatory assignment which he has to fulfill before he can either accept or reject their offer. So, accompanied by the little palace boy with whom he struck up a friendship, he is forced on a journey he least reckoned with.


Director: Ebele Okoye
Producer: Ebele Okoye
Storyboard-animation-editing: Ebele Okoye
Music: Oliver Sadie / Deane Ogden


Ebele Okoye holds a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design/Illustration** from the IMT Enugu, Nigeria. She migrated to Germany in the year 2000. After a post graduate programme at the University of Cologne, a design-study stint at the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf, and a traineeship at the West German Broadcasting Corporation, WDR, Ebele Okoye furthered in Animation at the International Film School (ifs) Cologne Upon graduation in 2004, she worked as a studio animator before going independent with own films as well heading international Co-productions, one of which is Kurt Schwitters “Anna Blume”, winner of the 2007 Robert Bosch Foundation Promotional Prize for Animation as well as the Ritter Prize at the 2010 Zebra Poetry Film Festival Berlin amongst others. Fascinated by the abstract connection between spoken words and moving images, uncommon thoughts on common things, most of her animation works are based on poetry. Her visual translation of Poetry into animation involves the works of other German authors like Simone Kanter, Ulrike Almut Sandig and Björn Kuhligk
A two-time winner of the Africa Movie Academy Awards in Animation, as well as the Focus Features Africa First Short Film programme, Ebele Okoye is the founder and co-ordinator of Shrinkfish Media Lab (smedLAB), an audiovisual training initiative focusing on exchange of knowledge between European professionals and young artistic talents in the West African region. She resides in Berlin since 2008 where she is also fully active as a Web designer, Media and branding expert, while painting occasionally still. Some of her works can be seen at her website.



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