ST1: Noble Expectations

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The Beard, Sofya Badalova (RUSSIA 2015, 7' 03")

the-beard-web2D computer animation, Cel Drawing

My diploma film is about a man who loved and adored his beard and lived with her in perfect harmony, until suddenly he meets a woman. The man turns his attention to the woman, thereby causing a love triangle.The Beard jealous man, and in every way prevents him and the girl closer.


Director: Sofya Badalova
Producer: VGIK Debut producer center
Storyboard-artistic Direction-editing-graphics: Sofya Badalova
Animation: Sofya Badalova, Anastasia Bulavkina, Alex Pryahin
Music: band "Bravo"
Sound Director: Dmitry Boyarintsev


Born on August 7, 1989, graduated from college VGIK in 2010 (studied the specialty aniator). In 2010 received in All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (aka VGIK) (specialty director of animacion film). "The Beard" is VGIK diploma film, "The Tooth" 2014, "The Beard" 2015.

Pole Star, Ilaeira Misirliadi (FRANCE / GREECE 2016, 4' 26")

pole-star-web2D computer animation, Drawing on paper

A polar bear believes that it cannot dance.


Director: Ilaeira Misirliadi
Producer: Lycée Marie Curie
Storyboard, Animation, Editing: Ilaeira Misirliadi
Music: Dionysis Palermos, Adrianos Daskalakis
Choreography: Xeni Daniilidi
Sound design: Alann Merlin


Ilaeira Misirliadi is an animation student who lives in France. She has an DMA Cinéma d'Animation diploma, and has directed three short films until now: "L'ombre du temps", "Etoile Polaire", and "Well, I'm still thirsty".

Puzzle, Stav Levi (ISRAEL 2015, 3' 20")

puzzle-web2D computer animation

A strange character is engulfed in the creation of its grand masterpiece - a puzzle the size of the world itself.


Director: Stav Levi
Producer: Stav Levi
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing, Graphics: Stav Levi


Stav's lifelong interest in animation and storytelling had brought him to study at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Today he works in the industry while continuing to develop his stories.

Gyros Dance, Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc (POLAND 2016, 14' 39")

gyros-dance-web2D computer animation

In a city where it's crowded and a lot of sunshine two mice live together under one roof, close to each other and very different. The house is also their place of work, the work is boring and hard. He is fine with that, she dreams of being a TV star.


Director: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc
Producer: Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak
Storyboard: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc
Animation: Piotr Loc Hoang Ngoc, Natalia Bucior, Wojciech Wojtkowski, Marta Szymańska, Marta Magnuska, Michał Orzechowski, Agata Mianowska, Jędrzej Żwiruk, Maciej Specjalski, Ewa Łuczków, Kacper Shikeli, Emilia Shikeli
Music: Vlodymyr Antoniv
Editing: Anna Gontarczyk


25.10.1985. Born in Hue/Vietnam, a graduate of of Polish National Art School in Warsaw, a form student of Film School in Lodz.

Rabbit Blood, Yagmur Altan (TURKEY 2016, 4' 36")

rabbit-blood-web3D computer animation

Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country house where its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.


Director: Yagmur Altan
Producer: Yagmur Altan
Storyboard: Milan delVecchio
Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing, Graphics: Yagmur Altan
Music: Mehmet Aydin


Yagmur Altan is a 3D artist, born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey and currently working as a principal designer at AOL in NYC, focusing on digital production on face and facial feature tracking. He wrote and directed his first animated short film Rabbit Blood during his MFA 3D Animation degree at SVA, shown in more than 100 film festivals in 30 countries in 2016.

Ayny-My Second Eye, Ahmad Saleh (GERMANY / JORDAN /PALESTINE 2016, 10' 40")

Ayny still03 kleiner als 1 MB-webPuppets

A cruel war has taken two brothers' home. Their mother protects them under her arms and fosters the seed of their new life. Anxious her sons could come in danger if they leave the house. But the boys chase their dream to play a music instrument they've fallen in love with. A beautiful Oud. They collect scrap metal to earn the money and must find out that their mother's fear was for a good reason. But as strong birds will always fly, the two boys become one to overcome their trauma.


Director: Ahmad Saleh
Producers: Stefan Gieren, Fiction 2.0 in coproduction with KHM Cologne (film school)
Artsistic Direction: Kerstin Gramberg
Animation: Frank Pingel
Music: Nizar Rohana
Editing: David Black


Ahmad Saleh is a writer/director based in Germany. His first work was a stories collection titled Zowwada. This collection was awarded the A M Qattan's Young Writers Award in 2004 in Palestine. His first short film HOUSE, which he made in his Master's in Digital Media at the University of Arts Bremen in Germany, had a successful tour since it was released in 2012. The film earned several important awards in Europe, USA, Iran and Jordan. Recently, he finished another Master's study in film, in which he wrote and directed another two short films and started writing his first feature. His graduation project "Ayny" won a golden Oscar at the Student Academy Awards 2016 in the foreign animation category.

Shuma, Lucija Mrzljak (ESTONIA 2016, 6' 05")

shuma-webDrawing on paper

Water is knee-high. If you are afraid of drowning, stand on a chair.


Director: Lucija Mrzljak
Producer: Estonian Academy of Arts
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Graphics: Lucija Mrzljak
Music: Sofia Garcia
Editing: Olga Pärn
Supervisor: Priit Pärn


Lucija Mrzljak, animation film director and illustrator, born in Zagreb, 1990. Studied at the Academies of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Krakow, Prague and Tallinn. She completed her MA of Animation in Estonia as a student of Priit and Olga Pärn and got her first professional experience as an animator in Joonisfilm studio. Permanently works as a film director and a freelance illustrator for children books and international magazines.

The Square, Yakov Krugovykh (RUSSIA 2016, 3' 30")

the-square-web2D computer animation, Cut-out animation, Drawing on paper

Three minutes from a crowd life. The main character of the film - passers. People go about their business, but something or someone causes them to stop and not go away.


Director: Yakov Krugovykh
Producer: Liubov Gaydukova
Storyboard, Artistic Direction, Animation, Editing: Yakov Krugovykh


Yakov Krugovykh - a false name, which is the author's pseudonym. A real name of the director is Varya Yakovleva. She was born 08.09.1983 in Saratov (Russia). Graduated Art School in Kaluga. Then in 2013 graduated from VGIK. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists. In the present Varya is a student of the School-Studio "SHAR", at "direction of animated films" department. And works as an artist on production of the film by Andrey Krzhanovsky "Nose". Filmography: 2013 – "A Little Story of a big pirate" 2016 – "The Square"

I Am Not A Number, Natalia Kokkinou (GREECE 2016, 4' 37")

I-am-not-a-number-web2D computer animation, Rotoscope

Three minutes from a crowd life. The main character of the film - passers. People go about their business, but something or someone causes them to stop and not go away.


Director: Natalia Kokkinou
Producer: Natalia Kokkinou
Storyboard-animation-editing: Natalia Kokkinou
Music: SomehowArt - I am not a number


"I Am Not A Number" is a 2D animation that focuses on the social structures and norms of the modern society. It consists of an abstract approach on the way of living while using symbolisms to portray the conformity of human behavior. The viewer dives in a surreal world of the human mind full with images of the subconscious.

How are you today?, Sophie Markatatos (UK 2016, 7' 19")

howareyoutoday still01-web2D computer animation

In a fucked up world, two opposite characters meet.


Director: Sophie Markatatos
Producer: Royal College of Art
Storyboard-artistic direction-editing: Sophia Markatatos
Animation: Sophia Markatatos, Yannick Boireau
Music: Joseph Tate


Born in 1990 in Brussels, Belgium, from Greek and Turkish origins, Sophie has always been passionated about drawing and writing. She loves to turn ideas into visual things. She mainly uses 2D animation, but also likes to play around with other media. Sophie also makes audiovisual installations in galleries. Sophie has worked on various European productions, in Ireland, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom, as animator and designer. In 2016 she graduated from a Master of Arts in Animation at the Royal College of Art in the UK, and now her aim is to create her own films and visual work. Her work is focused on people's feelings, relationships, and injustices and inequalities in today's society.

Resistance, Alex Chauvet, Anna Le Danois, Quentin Foulon, Fabien Glasse, Juliette Jean & Julie Narat (FRANCE 2016, 7' 13")

resistance-web3D computer animation

Dominated by an Insects totalitarian regime, the staff of a smart restaurant organizes a plot to knock down the established order.


Director: Alex Chauvet, Anna Le Danois, Quentin Foulon, Fabien Glasse, Juliette Jean, Julie Narat
Producer: MoPA
Storyboard-animation-editing: Alex Chauvet, Anna Le Danois, Quentin Foulon, Fabien Glasse, Juliette Jean, Julie Narat


What is Your Brown Number?, Vinnie Ann Bose (INDIA 2015, 4' 20")

what-is-your-brown-number-web2D computer animation

The film talks about how in India everyone wants to be light skinned, and introduces the concept of "brown number". Every person is born with a respective brown number that corresponds to the shade of their skin. Darker the shade, higher the brown number, lower the worth (The graduation project was sponsored by Studio Eeksaurus, Mumbai. NID guide: Dhiman Sengupta)


Director: Vinnie Ann Bose
Producer: Nilima Eriyat
Storyboard-artistic direction-animation-graphics-editing: Vinnie Ann Bose
Music: Rajat Dholakia


Ms. Vinnie Ann Bose is a graduate student from National Institute of Design (India) specializing in Animation Film Design. Her graduation film " What Is Your Brown Number" was sponsored by Studio Eeksaurus, a well-reputed production house in India and was executed under the guidance of the renowned Animator/Director Suresh Eriyat. In a country like India where there are multitude of cultures, languages and traditions mingling with each other, there is a peculiar story in every nook and corner waiting to be told. One such story is " What Is Your Brown Number ". She is one storyteller, striving to bring more such stories to life.

Slinky, Rianne Stremmelaar (THE NETHERLANDS 2016, 5')

slinky-web2D computer animation

The story is about the behaviour some people have compared with animals.


Director: Rianne Stremmelaar
Producer: Rianne Stremmelaar
Storyboard-animation-editing: Rianne Stremmelaar
Music: Erik de Lange


I work as a freelance director, storyboard artist and animator for dutch companies and television.

Socks, Tristan Weis (GERMANY 2016, 3' 23")

socks-web3D computer animation

When an old lady is under attack in her dark basement, an unexpected savior gets her out of trouble. Will her new friend get rid of the other bad guys as well?


Director: Tristan Weis
Producer: Tristan Weis
Storyboard, Animation, Editing: Tristan Weis
Music: Maximilian Zwiener
Sound: Christoph Müller


Tristan Weis grew up in Heidelberg Germany and, after finishing high school, started his studies at Bauhaus-University Weimar. He finished his Bachelor's Degree directing & producing 3D animated short films and is currently working on his Master's Thesis at Bauhaus.



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