Theatrical performance and animation film on topic regarding Corfu

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Be there! collaborates with Municipal Regional Theatre of Corfu to produce a theatrical show and animated short directed by Effie Pappa.

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is especially honored and greatly pleased to share with its audience an idea and dream that turned into a joint attempt and proceeds officially to its implementation.

More specifically, the 5th Be there! in co-operation with the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu attempt to jointly produce a theatrical performance and 15-minute short animation film for the first time with background and topic regarding Corfu.

Within the framework of the European project titled “I.C.E. Innovation, Culture and Creativity for a new Economy”, the 5th Be there! proceeds to the creation of a short animation film, which is inspired by the culture of Corfu through a history of self-knowledge. The proposal has been chosen by the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu after an open competition procedure for the decision upon ideas and proposals of organizations/companies within the framework of the implementation of WP 4.2 of the above-mentioned program, which is funded by the budget of the project incorporated in the European Territorial Co-operation Programs Greece-Italy 2007-2013 and is co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and by national funds of Greece and Italy.

The creative team that will take up to depict Corfu in animation for the first time is guided by the director and animator, Effie Pappa, who holds a Master’s Degree from the famous faculty of National Film and Television School (NFTS, London), where she studied with a scholarship by Onassis Foundation. Her film with the title My Stuffed Granny (2014) won many awards in many international festivals. Among them, Norman McLaren award as well as the Award of the Best Greek Student Film in the 4th Be there! are included.

A Greek-British team consisting of Irida Ziogka (assistant director), Katerina Giannakou (scriptwriter), Andrian Peckitt (director of photography), David Pearce (composer) will accompany her, while the rest creators of the film will be gradually announced.

Marina Papasotiriou, Curator at National Gallery of Art (Corfu branch), will be responsible for the scientific documentation as well as the drafting of an accompanying educational guide.

The film will be shot using the rotoscope technique: filmmaking with actors will be carried out in Corfu at Easter 2015, while there will be then a material and animation processing through special computer programs and techniques.


The summary of the film is as follows:

“Alkis is a handsome, young Corfiot and a flirting virtuoso. People has it that weaknesses are human, but what happens when past mistakes haunt you in such a way that your whole existence is nullified?
A journey toward self-knowledge, a musician that cannot hit the right note, a broken love, a judgmental society.
Corfu becomes Alkis's tutor in a love-triggered adventure that sweeps time and history. How could our hero find his way throughout his own, personal maze?


Effie Pappa, director of the film and performance 

Vassilis Kroustallis
, producer
Marina Papasotiriou, art consultant, design and implementation of educational activities

Irida Ziogka, assistant director

Katerina Giannakou, screenwriter

Adrian Peckitt, Director of Photography

David Pearce
, composer

Great Events, promotion of the performance and film

See the cvs of the creative team (Moving Corfu)


The theatrical performance will constitute a combination of a video screening and an on-stage performance of actors and musicians, and its date will be announced after a co-operation with the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu.

The cinema premiere of the film will be held in the beginning of the 5th Be there! Corfu Animation festival, namely on 15 October 2015.



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