MEW LAB: Burrowing Beyond The Surface

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- Put-me-in-the-intro-Mew Lab Logo 1920x1080Welcome to Mew Lab the independent collective talent of Directors Shaun Clark and Kim Noce. Both Directors are graduates of The National Film and Television School and specialize in creating Animation content for Films, Television and commercials.

Shaun and Kim are practicing filmmakers whose films have appeared at major film festivals. With a bold style of narrative film making ranging from animated documentaries, horrors to children’s films.

Their work has won a number of awards, screened in festival circuits around the world and have on UK and US television.

"It is definitely not easy for independent animation to rise amongst the economic survival worries, especially in its most challenging (but fascinating) form, that of the investigation of the human psyche. The Mew Lab work shows how persistence, experimentation and artistic goal-setting are combined to give a result that always excites the senses and the intellect."
Vassilis Kroustallis

A selection of independent and commissioned work from the collective Mew Lab. An insight into the work of Kim Noce and Shaun Clark, working independently as Animation Directors in London and their vision to create films burrowing beyond the surfaces.
Lightman, Shaun Clark, (2005), 7’

1LightmanCut out animation
A manic tale about a man who is scared of the dark and tries at all costs to recreate the sun in his loft to make the dark vanish from his life forever.   

After, Kim Noce, (2005), 6’ 30’’

2afterPaint on Glass, Clay paint, and Stop motion Clay
After is a documentary animation that traces the emotional journey of three people as they journey from isolation and despair to discover a newfound hope in their lives.
Forget Me Not, Kim Noce, (2006), 3’

3Forget Me NotCut Out Animation, Collage, Embroidery
A little fairytale of a child and her imaginary friends, recalled by an old woman drifting into bygone memories.

Origin, Shaun Clark, (2006), 2’

4OriginPaint on 8mm film
A subjective investigation into editing abstract painted images into a narrative rhythm.

Home?, Shaun Clark, (2008), 4’

5Home2D animation, Collage, Paint
What is a home?......Are we ever at home? The film explores the feelings and thoughts of the relationship between a person and his home.

High Above the Sky, Kim Noce & Shaun Clark (2012), 3’

6High Above the sky2D Cut out Animation, Cardboard animation & 2D Composite
One day Leo screams and screams and screams, his Dad takes him shopping and so the journey begins.
Lady and the Tooth, Mewlab (2012), 8’

7LADY AND THE TOOTH2D Cut out Animation
When the most precious commodity in society are teeth there is only one way to conquer love.

The Water Bearer, Heritage Lottery Fund, (2013), 3’

9NEST OF STONE2D animation & Cut out Animation
A whimsical telling of the history of Twyford WaterWork.

Nest of Stone, Heritage Lottery Funds, (2014), 7’

8ΤheWaterbearer 300DPI 0009 Stop-motion, Pixilation, Timelapse
A collection of memories set in stone.
A contemplative journey from birth to death happening across a single day.
The Key, MewLab, (2014), 7’

10The KeyWatercolour, Photocopies, Pixilation, 2D animation
In a Town shrouded in fog a young boy searches for a lost key. 




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