Visegrad Animation Rallye 2015 (Europe 8)

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vaf-put-in-intro Contemporary films from the Visegrad Animation Forum (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland)

Entangled | Zápletka, Stanislav Sekela (CZECH REPUBLIC, 2014), 9’

 1-entangled-web An animated drama about the strong connection between two lovers two lovers in the world of plants.


Screenplay: Stanislav Sekela
Art Direction: Stanislav Sekela
Cinematography: Stanislav Sekela, Františka Chlumská
Editing: Stanislav Sekela, Lucie Haladová
Sound: Sandra Klouzová
Music: Martin Klusák
Producer: Jakub Sláma

A Blue Room | Niebieski Pokój, Tomasz Siwiński (FRANCE, POLAND, 2014), 14’

 2-blue room-web A man wakes up in a blue room. He’s stuck and he can’t escape. A window is his only connection to the outer world. It filters the reality in a very mysterious way...


Screenplay: Tomasz Siwiński
Cinematography: Tomasz Siwiński
Editing: Tomasz Siwiński
Sound: Lionel Guenoun
Music: Rémi Boubal
Animation: Andrzej Piotr Morawski, Paweł Garbacz, Tomasz Siwiński
Colouring: Adela Kaczmarek, Paweł Truchan
Producer: Ron Dyens, Zbigniew Żmudzki

Endemic Greed | Łakomstwa Endemita, Natalia Dziedzic (POLAND, 2014), 11’

 3-endemic greed-web At the seaside beach fates of balding sailor, young girl and two modest creatures – the bee and the crab are tangling. Going after their greediness, they meet a waffles stand. This is an animated story about primal desires, which are present in the human nature.


Screenplay: Natalia Dziedzic, Przemysław Kurek
Art Direction: Natalia Dziedzic
Editing: Bogusława Furga, Zbigniew Gustaw
Sound: Paweł Łuczak
Music: Tomasz Jakub Opałka
Production Manager: Maria Deskur
Producer: Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak

The Potato Eaters | Jedlíci Brambor, Martin Kukal (CZECH REPUBLIC, 2014), 4’

4-potato eaters-web A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, the man, who was once passing through the Brabantse land.


Screenplay: Martin Kukal
Editing: Martin Kukal
Sound: Samuel Jurkovič
Music: Samuel Jurkovič
Producer: Lukáš Gregor

Limbo-Limbo Travel, Zsuzsanna Kreif and Borbála Zétényi (FRANCE, HUNGARY, 2014), 15’

 5-limbo limbo travel-web A group of solitary and disillusioned women take the Limbo-Limbo Bus to a distant exotic country to find the happiness they wish for. They arrive in a land occupied by a tribe of men with moustaches. This meeting awakens the women’s primitive instincts, and without worrying about civilised behavioral rules, they start chasing the prey: the male.


Screenplay: Zsuzsanna Kreif, Borbála Zétényi
Art Direction: Zsuzsanna Kreif, Borbála Zétényi
Editing: Judit Czakó
Sound: Tamás Zányi
Music: János Másik
Producer: Christian Pfohl, József Fülöp

In Line | V Rade, Kamila Kučíková (SLOVAKIA, 2014), 4’

 6-in line-web For some waiting in line is a pleasant thing, for most not. Anything can happen in the timespan of one queue.


Screenplay: Kamila Kučíková
Cinematography: Kamila Kučíková
Editing: Kamila Kučíková
Sound: Michal Horváth
Art Direction: Kamila Kučíková
School: Film And Television Faculty, Academy Of Performing Arts Bratislava

Fongopolis, Joanna Kożuch (SLOVAKIA, 2014), 13’

fongopolis A young violinist is about to play his big solo with the Philharmonic of Fongopolis City. However, his path to success is unexpectedly stopped at a train station. In the chaos of signs, advertisements, lights and crowds in a rush, he cannot find the way to the right platform. To find his train he has to stop for a while.


Screenplay: Máša Origváni, Joanna Kożuch
Editing: Ondrej Azor
Cinematography: Peter Kelíšek, Peter Balcar
Digital Postproduction: Ondrej Azor
Sound: Dušan Kozák
Music: Martin Hasák, Stanislav Palúch
Art Direction: Joanna Kożuch
Producer: Ivana Laučíková

The Adventures Of Candide, Nándor Bera (HUNGARY, 2014), 9’

 8-adventures of candide-web An adaptation of Voltaire’s 18th century satire in a nutshell. We follow the naive and hopelessly optimistic hero, Candide, on his journey. Throughout the story, the characters change and evolve while learning the workings of the world surrounding them. The experimental short is a pilot of a TV series in production.


Screenplay: Nándor Bera Animation: Dani Bárány, Balázs Turai, Petra Marjai, Soma Sebesvári, Borbála Mákó, Márk Juhász, Anna Katalin Lovrity, Borbála Tompa
Editing: Péter Boda
Sound: Balázs Pejkó
Compositing: Márton Nagy
Music: Benjamin Efrati
Art Direction: Zsuzsanna Kreif
Producer: Károly Fehér, Brigitta Iványi-Bitter



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