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sacrebleu-productions-logo-put-in-introParis-based Sacrebleu Productions was founded by Ron Dyens in 1999, with the artistic aim of creating top-notch short animated films and documentaries. After 16 years and 50 films in its slate, it has garnered distinctions such as the  Cannes Palme d’Or (Barking Island, Serge Avedikian) and Academy Award nominations (Madagascar, a journey diary, Bastien Dubois), as well as  more than one thousand national and international festival selections. Sacrebleu Productions steadily continues and enriches the tradition of French animation, combining challenging issues with intimacy and artistic perfection.

Madagascar, a journey diary (Madagascar, carnet de voyage), Bastien Dubois (FRANCE, 2009), 11’30’’

1madagascar2D animation, 3D animation

Madagascar is a journey diary that redraws the trip of a european traveler confronted with Famadihana customs. The pages of the diary turn, then the drawings liven up, we cover the luxuriant landscapes of Madagascar before being introduced to the Malagasy culture.


Director: Bastien Dubois
Production: Sacrebleu Productions
Producers: Ron Dyens & Aurélia Prévieu
Animation: Bastien Dubois
Editor: Boubkar Benzabat & Bastien Dubois
Sound Editor: Cyrille Lauwerier

Tram, Michaela Pavlatova (FRANCE, 2012), 7’

2tram2D animation, 3D animation

It’s the humdrum daily routine for Tram’s conductress. As every morning, men get on the tram to go to work, one after another, all similar, quiet, grey, apathetic. And yet, on that day, following the jolts and the road’s vibrations, to the rhythm of the tickets inserted in the ticket-stamping machine, the conductress gets turned on and the vehicle gets erotic. The tram conductress’ desire turns the reality into a surrealistic and phallic fantasy. She then takes a ride on the passengers’ giant and blushing penises. Music maestro!


Director: Michaela Pavlátová
Producer: Sacrebleu Productions/Negativ
Animation: Michaela Pavlátová
Editing: Michaela Pavlátová, Milos Krejcar
Mix: Lionel Guenoun
Sound: Daniel Nemec
Music: Petr Marek (MIDI LIBI)

Man on the chair, Dahee Jeong (FRANCE, 2014), 6’ 55’

3Man on the chairDrawing on paper, 2D animation, 3D animation

Man on the chair is tormented and constantly doubts his very own existence. It is just merely a picture that I created... Could I  also be an image crafted by others?


Director: Dahee Jeong
Producer: Sacrebleu productions
Co- Production: CJ Culture Foundation (Corée du Sud)
Music: Sangwoo Ma
Bass player: Hwang Yin
Sound Design: Lee Jusuk, Kim Won
Foley recording: Lee Inkyung
Voice-over: Seo Younghwa

Kroak, Fishing trip (Kroak, Partie de pêche), Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco (FRANCE, 2008), 3’

4Kroak-Fishingtrip2D animation

Kroak, fishing trip

Kroak goes fishing early in the morning. From its bundle, he takes a whole panoply of tools, and waits for the fish that doesn’t come. When, finally, something takes the bait, it’s not a fish but a fridge that goes out from the sea, then a laid out table, and then a strange fish.

Kroak, return to bear

Kroak is looking for food, with a craving for a walrus for dinner. He digs into the ice and comes face to face with a bear.


Director: Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco
Producer: Sacrebleu Productions
Animation: Benjamin Gibeaux
Sound: Adrien Chevalier
Voices: David Fischer, Adrien Chevalier, Julie Rembauville

Rhizome, Boris Labbé, (FRANCE, 2015), 11’ 25’’

5RHIZOME logo DEF 030932D animation

From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, all things in the universe are tightly connected: they interact and restructure in a combination of movements and perpetual metamorphoses.


Director: Boris Labbé
Production: Sacrebleu Productions
Producer: Ron Dyens
Storyboard: Boris Labbé
Animation: Boris Labbé, Wen Fan, Loïc Sitti
Music: Aurélio Edler-Copes
Editing: Boris Labbé
Mix: Victor Praud

The memories of dogs (Memoria de Cani), Simone Massi (FRANCE, 2006), 8’

6MemoriadecaniOil pastel on paper

My cheeks brush against the stones, I look out from a break in the wall.


Director: Simone Massi
Production: Sacrebleu Productions
Producers: Simone Massi, Ron Dyens
Animation, Editor: Simone Massi
Sound: Stephano Sasso, Simone Massi

Beach Flags, Sarah Saidan (FRANCE, 2014), 13’ 39’’

7BeachFlagsDrawing on paper

Vida is a young Iranian lifeguard. Popular on her team, she is determined to fight in order to be the one to participate in an international competition in Australia. However, when Sareh who is as fast and talented as her, joins the team, Vida will have to face an unexpected situation.


Director: Sarah Saidan
Production: Sacrebleu Productions, Folimage
Producers: Ron Dyens, Corinne Destombes
Editing: Hervé Guichard
Soundtrack: Yan Volsy
Sound Design: Lionel Guenoun
Sound Effects: Bruno Langiano
Voices: Behi Djanati Ataï, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, Soheila Emdadian, Darya Alirad, Shahrzad Akrami

Words Words (Paroles, Paroles) Ron Dyens (FRANCE, 2002), 4’

8paroles-parolesLive action

A man and a woman in the 20’s. They are making a journey in ballon. But suddenly…


Director: Ron Dyens
Production : Sacrebleu Productions
Executive Producer : Ron Dyens
Photography: Chanel Seguin
Editing: Jérôme Yermia
Music: Lenoir
Cast: Lucie Duchene, Laurent Lederer

Where dogs die (Là où meurent les chiens) Svetlana Filippova (France, 2011), 12’

9Wheredogsdie stillAnimation σε άμμο

A man grows up and leaves his mother's home. During his life, all he dreams about is to come back home – to retrieve his past. But a lot of things happen, things that cannot be fixed: his mother grows old, the house where he was so happy falls apart, his dog dies. It happens to everyone and it is unavoidable.  And everything turns to be just a memory or a dream or a movie.


Director : Svetlana Filippova
Production : Sacrebleu Productions
Producers : Ron Dyens, Aurélia Prévieu
Drawing, Editing : Svetlana Filippova 
Sound Editing : Arseniy Troickiy
Music : Max Richter

Faces from places: Greece (Portraits de voyages: Grèce), Bastien Dubois (FRANCE 2013), 3’

athos3D animation, motion capture

“Faces from places”, the animated series directed by Bastien Dubois, is offering us a subjective trip around the world, high in colors, with original stories, which mixes motion capture and 3D skills with the attractiveness of diaries.


Director : Bastien Dubois
Production : Sacrebleu Productions
Producer : Ron Dyens
Animation : Bastien Dubois
Composer : Sylvain Pryzbylski

Κid Loco Clip, Olivier Chabalier (FRANCE, 2008), 4'

10PrettyBoyFloyd 058632D animation, 3D animation

Music video of the last Kid Loco song «Pretty Boy Floyd», which is inspired by Klimt's works and the common imaginary of fairy tales.


Direction: Olivier Chabalier 
Production: Ron Dyens and Aurélia Prévieu – Sacrebleu Productions / Jean-Yves Prieur (F.L.O.R. 2008) 
Compositing: Zaven Najjar, Nicolas Fuminier, Annaëlle Moreau, Olivier Chabalier 
Animation 2D: Payam Mofidi, Zaven Najjar, Annaëlle Moreau, François Lebras 
Animation 3D: François Lebras
Special effects:Nicolas Fuminier 
Matte painting:Zaven Najjar, François Lebras 
Illustration: Milla Gajin 
Settings: Olivier Chabalier 
Cinematography:Boubkar Benzabat 
Animation supervisor: Sébastien Dabadie 
Special Effects supervisor: Claude Weiss

My little brother on the moon ( (Mon petit frère de la Lune) Frédéric Philibert (FRANCE, 2008), 6’

12MyLittleBrotherέΑοom the Moon2D animation

Sometimes, everything is a matter of viewpoint. A little girl tries to understand why her little brother who suffers from autism does not look like other children.


Director: Frédéric Philibert
Production: Sacrebleu Productions
Storyboard: Frédéric Philibert, Anne Dupoizat
Producers: Ron Dyens, Aurélia Prévieu, Jérôme Yermia
Image, Montage, Sound : Frédéric Philibert
Voice off: Coline Philibert



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