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bethere2014 poster web700All the Be there! 2014 awards.

Short Films in Competition

The jury committee, comprised by Michaela Pavlatova (Czech Republic), Eleni Mouri (Gree) και Zbigniew Czapla (Πολωνία) awarded the Grand Prix to The Sense of Touch (Le sens du toucher) by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo (France/Switzerland, 2014) "for its brilliant, playful, complex touching story delivered with humor and elegance. A film about silence with a  perfect music and sound and vibrations"..

The jury prize went to the US/Greek political allegory and thriller by Nassos Vakalis Dinner for Few (2014) judging "a strong, bold political film with important message".

The best music for film award went to Ex animo (Poland 2014, dir. Wojciech Wojtkowski) and the composer Tomasz Jakub Opalka, for it depicted " the great power of imagination shown through the perfection connection of image and music".

The graduation short films the jury by Marc Jousset (French), Barbara Szczekała (Poland) and Marina Papasotiriou (Greece) gave the best graduation film to Rebecca Archer, for Canuck Black (UK, 2014) for "the good script, its coherent narrative, and the nice metaphor as far as the search for identity is concerned".

Best Greek graduation film  was My Stuffed Granny by Effie Pappa (UK/Greece, 2014), for "the interesting and non-judgmental way of coping with life and death, especially in contemporary Greece".

Special metion was given to Dinosaurs by Dao Thi Thuy Linh (Czech Republic, 2013) for ¨the creativity within its simplicity".

In the feature competitive section, the film Tito on Ice by Max Andersson and  Helena Ahonen (Sweden/Germany, 2013), a road movie to ex-Yugoslavia and Titio via animation won the best feature film, for its "good combination of real images, animation and comics, a light commentary on hard history, and the creative eye of the director between reaity and fiction, the good combination of humour and emotion".



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