Beyond 2000: Serbian Contemporary Animation

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NF 02 LeftoversContemporary Serbian animation after 2000 from Animanima festival.

For the Serbian animation, the period following the year 2000 was marked by several important events. In 2005, the pioneer of Serbian animation Nikola Majdak initiated the European animated film festival "Balkanima", which was followed in 2006 by the introduction of the subject of animation at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, owing to the initiative of animator and professor Ratko Ćirić.

"Animanima", another international animation festival was started in Čačak in 2007, and the same year saw the completion of Aleksa Gajić's Technotise: Edith & I, the first Serbian full feature animated film.

Professor Ćirić introduced another faculty course, Digital Animation, to the department for Inter-disciplinary doctorate studies of the Belgrade University of Arts, which was followed by setting up 'Fesa', the students' festival of animation in 2012. Diversity of thematic and poetic approaches of graduation and doctorate films, as well as first studio and independently produced films of new authors in this period significantly enriched national animation scene.

New animators are daring, open-minded, inquisitive, unwavering, witty, and orginal. Resolute in overcoming the inconsistent support of the establishment, they move on to mark their own epoch.

Art Director OF ANIMANIMA Animation Festival
Čačak, Serbia

Film Lineup:

Sensation (Sensation), Nikola Vulović (2006, 3' 03")

NF 01 Janitor-webProduction: Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade

Music clip (nominated for MTV award in 2007) by the Belgrade band Intruder. The clip was filled by inserts from the 30-minutes long animated film The Janitor, the first Serbian "manga" animated film.

Leftovers (Ostaci), Igor Ćorić (2006, 6' 03")

NF 02 Leftovers-webProduction: Aleksandar Mladenović

Life always continues on the leftovers of the former lives.

Spitted By Kiss (Zapljunut poljupcem), Miloš Tomić (2007, 11' 13")

NF 03 Spitted by kiss-webProduction: FAMU

An obsessive story about a young man who lives on the street, literally, slides on concrete, falls in love with the girls passing by, and hangs out in the world of street junk.

The Mountain Wreath (Gorski vijenac), Lazar Bodroža (2008, 5' 46")

NF 04 The Mountain Wreath-webProduction: Studio Metaklinika

Stylistic combination of a feature and animated film. Modern minimalistic approach used in presenting epical masterpiece of classical literature.

Tavern (Kafana), Mina Cvetinović (2008, 2')

NF 05 Tavern-webProduction: Academy of Arts, Novi Sad

A question: What do men do in a tavern? The answer: Nothing.

Monuments (Spomenici), Iva Ćirić (2010, 3' 45")

NF 06 Monuments-webProduction: Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade

The film was made after her Iva's grandfather's expressive woodcut prints from the early 60-ies, illustrating poems about the Second World War.

Life In A Frame (Život u ramu), Marica Kicušić (2011, 3' 52")

NF 07 Life in a Frame-webProduction: Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade

Delicate, both graphism and story, expressed in a rarely used technique of sand animation.

The Mirror (Ogledalo), Ivan Stojković (2011, 1' 30")

NF 08 Mirror-webProduction: Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade

Lyrical burlesque about a gentleman and his alter ego, created in a traditional cartoon-movie manner.

5 Minutes Each (Pet minuta svaki), Vojin Vasović (2011, 9' 40")

NF 09 5 Minutes Each-webProduction: ToBlink Studio

Metaphorical story about the constant struggle of the artist to reach those five minutes of limelight.

The Haircut Undo (The Haircut Undo), Vuk Spasojević (2012, 1' 45")

NF 10 The Haircut Undo-webProduction: Vuk Spasojević

In grief over getting his hair cut, the customer decides to take 'The Haircut Undo', so he could live another day with his long hair, mustache and beard.

Rabbitland (Rabbitland), Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr (2013, 7')

NF 11 Rabbitland-webProduction: Baš Čelik

A satirical piece, a fable for adults.

Rise And Fall Of Art (Uspon i pad umetnosti), Aleksa Gajić (2013, 5' 04")

NF 12 Rise and Fall-webProduction: Studio 1234

A funny and weird story about the art of surviving.

Supermarket (Supermarket), Rastko Kukić (2015, 7' 05")

NF 13 Supermarket-webProduction: University of Arts, Belgrade

A critical and surreal insight into consumerism of a modern society.

India (India), Petar Stamenković (2015, 3' 33")

NF 14 India-webProduction: University of Arts, Belgrade

Music clip for The Rubber Soul Project band from Belgrade, whose music is inspired by the music of the Beatles.

The festival would like to thank all associated directors and producers for their participation to this tribute.



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