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human-arc-logo-put-this-in-front-webHuman Ark is one of Poland's leading animation studios. The studio is based in Warsaw and employs a team of 35 recognized artists and technical experts, who specialize in high-end 3D character animation and complex visual effects. In 2010, Human Ark called first attention with Kamil Polak's epic short film The Lost Town of Switez, which screened at 150 international festivals, scooping 25 awards, including the Grand Prix at the inaugural Be there! Corfu Animation Festival in 2011.

In the following years, Human Ark's service department has produced hundreds of high quality commercials for clients both from Poland and around the world, focusing on Asian territories such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. In 2016, Human Ark released its first TV series, the family animation Casparade, based on a best-selling Polish children's book, in co-production with Canal+. Currently, the studio is preparing production of its first feature film, the family comedy Diplodocus.


MASTERCLASS: Anja Šošić / Human Ark Animation Studio

Anja Šošić, head of production at Human Ark animation studio, will give an insight into the structure and philosophy of a vibrant company that is known not only for delivering high quality animation and VFX but also for being an attractive and exceptional place of work for artists and technicians. She will share experiences from bringing own creative projects to life while at the same time maintaining constant output of service work for international clients. The masterclass will offer a look behind the scenes of the awarded short film The Lost Town of Switez, Human Ark's latest TV series Casparade, and a first glimpse into the new feature film Diplodocus.


The Lost Town of Switez, Kamil Polak (2012, 20')

lost-town-of-switez1 RGB-webBased on the 19th-century epic poem by Poland's greatest writer, Adam Mickiewicz, tells the story of a ghostly town deluged after a bloody massacre in medieval times, which now lies at the bottom of a remote lake. It is an apocalyptic tale of destruction, religious miracles and spectral visitations.

The film imports oil paintings into digital 3D to create a mesmerizing aesthetic experience, set to a specially commissioned full choral and orchestral score. It dramatically merges literature, painting, music and cutting-edge 3D animation.


Little rascal Caspar and his best friend Ada always find unexpected solutions to questions dealing with friendship, loyalty and the weird behaviour of adults.

Through stories full of action and humour, the series delivers
 a warm-hearted and optimistic message in a light and funny way.

3 episodes

I want what he has, Kuba Tarkowski dir.

casparade-i-want-what-he-has1-webAs Eric is sick, Caspar reluctantly comes to visit and help him with catching up on schoolwork. But when he walks into Eric's room
it turns out that's the place he's been always dreaming of – the room is full of brand new toys! Together with Eric they give up on the homework and start to play. But even though they had great fun, Caspar is being accused of stealing one of Eric's toys. Caspar is shocked – he is not a thief! Together with Ada they discover that Eric holds a secret. Will Caspar manage to nd the missing toy and clear his name?

According to Plan, Kamil Polak dir.

casparade-according-to-plan1-webDad and Caspar are looking forward to the camping weekend, when it turns out that Mom (and the family car) got stuck at a conference. Caspar is deeply disappointed but Dad proposes to go camping anyway – right there in the apartment! They set up a tent, go shing in the bathtub, grill sausages on the oven and create a true camping atmosphere. It becomes so real that Caspar and Dad truly believe there is a wolf coming when they hear scratches on the door. Surprisingly, it's Mom who has managed to come home earlier. In happy anticipation of the camping weekend, the whole family goes to sleep in the tent in the living room.

Common Front, Kamil Polak dir.

casparade-common-front-webWhen Eric falls from the swing, his parents shut down the entire playground, which is a bit shabby and needs renovation. To save their favourite place from being turned into a parking lot, Caspar and Ada bake and sell cookies to all the neighbours. They want to use the money to buy a new playground. Eric's mom laughs at them – her son already has a private playground in their huge house. Eric, however, is sad on his own and surprisingly joins forces with Caspar and Ada. Inspired by the teamwork of ants building an anthill, they motivate the entire neighbourhood to work together and repair the playground.



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