Contemporary Latvian animation

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minotaurThe best contemporary Latvian animation to the 6th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival.

Awesome Beetle's Colors, Indra Sproge (2016, 3' 13")


"Awesome Beetle's Colors" is a 3'13" minutes long, fun and educative plasticine animation. A nearly impossible story, supported by a catchy melody, guides us through the ABCs – from Awesome Beetles to Yellow Zebra. Visual, audial and kinesthetic associations help children to learn with fun.

Forest guards (Meza sargi), Maris Brinkmanis (2015, 12')


In his walk the Forester finds a pile of garbage discarded in the woods. His pets - a dog, a cat and a mouse are angry. Next time the Forester sees that a citizen is polluting the forest. However, nothing can be done because the Forester is an old man and his shotgun is charged only with a cork. The villain just laughs and continues to own his bad job. A dog, a cat, a mouse together with forest animals decide to teach citizen a lesson...

International Father's Day, Edmunds Jansons (2012, 5')

Int fath day2D computer animation

For people Father's Day is a celebration, but for one small bird - an ordinary working day. And concerns are the same old - to get food for his family.

Minotaur (Mīnotaurs), Karlis Vitols (2016, 8' 30")


A story of a small Minotaur who tries to find playmates in the endless labyrinth while his Dad is at work. He only manages to meet mythological characters busy with their own ambitions.

Face, Jurgis Krasons (2015, 13' 55")

face2D computer animation

Since his childhood a man constantly compares his reflection in the mirror to the public perception of the appearance of personality. And there is no reason to worry until one day he notices that he vanishes. In panic a man rushes to regain himself, trying to please and arouse the mirror but it has no mercy, showing nobody. Finally this leads him to spit on the mirror, give up himself. World suddenly changes.

Priorities, Gints Zilbalodis (2014, 9' 25")

priorities3D computer animation

After his plane crashes on a small uninhabited island, a young man and his dog must find a way home.

The Robot's Virus, Karlis Vitols (2014, 5'51'')

robots-virusDrawing on paper, 2D computer animation, 3D computer animation

The Robot's Virus is a futuristic depiction of a family quarrel which focuses on the deadlock created by technological advancement and the impact it has on human communication in the modern consumer society.

It's about time, Ivo Briedis (2015, 6')

its about time 02Puppets

A message brought by the morning wind makes the old man want to go out, but he can not leave the room before he gets perfectly ready. The film is about time. About time which we cannot stop, but which can stop us. Or may be not...

Isle of Seals, Edmunds Jansons (2014, 6')

isle of seals2D computer animation

In the middle of a grey sea there is a grey isle. On this grey island grey hunters live. The life is simple and harsh. Seals and hunters live together in a cruel balance. One day, the Photographer arrives to document this everyday life. For him it turns out to be deadly complicated.

The festival wants to thank all directors and producers who contributed with their films to this tribute, as well as the National Film Centre of Latvia for the support offered.



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