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rca-logoA selection of M.A. animation programme works at the Royal College of Art is programmed and presented at the 6th Be there! by RCA tutor Joe King.

The M.A. Animation Programme at the Royal College of Art (London, UK) has three branches (Documentary Animation, Narrative Animation, Experimental Animation), and it is one of the most universally acclaimed, with its graduates winning an Oscar award (Suzie Templeton for Peter and the Wolf [2006]), getting nominations and wins at the BAFTA Awards (My Dad by Marcus Armitage [2014\ , I'm Fine Thanks, Eamonn O'Neill [2011]), and an array of distinctions at international animation festivals.

RCA tutor Joe King has curated a film programme especially for the 6th edition of Be there! Corfu Animation Festival, which starts from the analogue/drawn animation to mixed animation techniques of our times.

Velocity, Karolina Glusiec (2012, 6')

VELOCITYI always thought I had a perfect memory. I wanted to show these drawings to you.

My Dad, Marcus Armitage (2014, 5'50")

my-dadA short film depicting a Dad's influence on a young boy's life. His judgmental character mixed with the boys fondness for his dad prove to be a toxic mix that tears away at a world of opportunity and experiences.

Time is running out, Marc Reisbig (2007, 6' 35")

time-is-running-outA little world is in trouble. The film explores the inhabitants reaction to the impending doom. One man tries to stop the inevitable.

Surge, Jan Otto Ertesvåg (1997, 1')

surgeMass: abstract gravity

What light through yonder window breaks, Sarah Wickens (2009, 4' 15")

what-lightThe sunlight cast through a bedroom window breaks free and takes on new shapes as it journeys around the room.

Limoeiro - Lemon tree, Joana Silva (2016, 4' 40")

LimoeiroLimoeiro - Lemon tree - is a film about a fictional character whose body is assembled from memories embedded in an abandoned space.

You could sunbathe in this storm, Alice Dunseath (2014, 6')

YCSITSSpace, forms, colours and sounds symbolise a recognisable world. Do we shape as much as we are shaped? Do new beginnings put an end to familiar patterns?

Boom is Life, Jesse Collett (2014, 6')

BoomIsLifeWandering, Wondering

Matter Fisher, David Prosser (2010, 7' 25")

matterA perplexed fisherman becomes united with a fragment of estranged matter.

Guy 101, Ian Gouldstone (2005, 8' 30")

guy101 HSHA man hears a story about a hitchhiker from the other side of the internet

I'm fine, thanks, Eamonn O'Neill (2011, 4' 30")

i-m-fine-thanksAre you OK?

Loop Ring Chop Drink, Nicolas Menard (2014, 9' 45")

lrcdThe mundane story of a heartbroken man, an online gambling addict, an alcoholic kleptomaniac and an anxious loner living in the same apartment building.

Meanwhile, Stephen McNally (2014, 5' 15")

meanwhileA five minute animated short film, blending CG 3D and 2D drawn animation techniques. Meanwhile follows four characters traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations. Meanwhile uses bold colour schemes and fragments of narratives to examine empathy in urban insularity.

Mr. Madila, Rory Waudby-Tolley (2015, 8' 36")

mr-madila"Everything is mostly nothing. Look closely and you can see all the little bits and pieces, and all the gaps in-between."

Mr Madila or The Colour of Nothing documents a series of conversations between the film-maker and a gifted spiritual healer, exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe, and the nature of reality itself, through the sacred art of animation. Oooooooh.



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