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bethere2017-poster-Web456x324A special tribute to people with disability from Be there! Corfu Animation Festival in three axis.

Disability and the art of animation

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival implements in its 6th edition the tribute "Be alert, Be there!", focused exclusively on people with disability through animation implemented through theOperational Program "Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning" [co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek national funds].

The tribute aims to secure more visibility to people with disabilities, currently estimated to be the 10% of the global population (around 650 million citizens). The art of animation is not one-sided, but combines visuals and painting, narration, music, acting and movement and works as an education tool; within a single film, multiple features can inspire spectators and makes issues of και human rights (also visible in previous festival editions) to be less educationally arid, but tangible, experiential and long-lasting.

"Be alert, Be there" is a distinct festival programe, aimplemented in three axes: film screenings, subtitling seminar for films addressed to blind and deaf, and a separate forum on audiovisual means and disability.

Axis A

Axis A: Films on Disability

Feature length

Terminal device, Ross Turnbull (CANADA 2015, 68')
Documentary (15 years old and above)

terminal-deviceGreek Premiere

Who is Captain Hook? And why is he so scary? The cinema loves the one-armed man when he's the bad guy. Terminal Device is an essay, an autobiography, an inquiry into representation. Refracted through pop cultural images, the director's story as one of the men with hooks acquires unexpected resonance. A persistent stereotype emerges; the creation of the Other through body difference, the making of monsters through prosthetics.

The film will be screened with Greek SDH subtitles (deaf and hard-of-hearing)

Short animated Films

Media Diversity: Disabilities, Ivan Bogdanov & Vessela Dancheva (CROATIA 2008, 0' 30")

disabilities2-compoteBritish Council's public campaign, consisting of 5 clips with brief and vivid messages on inclusion issues related to race, physical disability, sexual orientation, social and economic diversity. Used by the Council in over 20 countries.

Race, Yan Dan Wong (MALAYSIA 2016, 2' 48'')

raceGreek Premiere

Medicine, shower, eat, sleep, repeat. A daughter races to tend to her elderly mother's daily needs. Until one day when she cannot take it anymore and refuses to attend to her mother, the racetrack breaks...

Salam-Hello, Taha Ghanimifard (IRAN 2013, 6')

hello GhanimiFardGreek Premiere

A deaf girl is not accepted by ordinary school and she is helped by a man who teaches deaf students. This animation commemorates late Mr. Jabbar Bagh-Cheban the first Iranian teacher of deaf students.

Blindly, Joanne van der Weg (ΤΗΕ NETHERLANDS 2014, 2' 20")

blindelingsWhat does a blind person see what Ι don't see. The animation is a short trip as how a blind person would make it.

Lou, Chloë Lesueur (FRANCE 2011, 7' 45'')

louLou is blind. She lives alone in a small apartment surrounded by characters from a fantasy world she made up. The outside world terrifies her, until a man helps her cross the street.

Ishihara, Yoav Brill (ISRAEL 2008, 6' 05'')

ishiharaAn illustrated biography, employing the unique language of Ishihara tests used for detecting color blindness.

Louis, Violaine Pasquet (FRANCE 2014, 9' 22'')

louisLouis is a 10 years old boy. He became deaf as a toddler. he likes to play with his favorite pets : snails. But he still has to face the challenge of school.

Inaudible, Gints Zilbalodis (LATVIA 2015, 7' 19'')

inaudibleGreek Premiere

A musician becomes deaf and struggles to adapt to a new life.

The present, Jacob Frey (GERMANY 2014, 4' 26" )

the-PresentThe short tells the story of a boy who rather spends his time indoors playing videogames instead of discovering whats waiting in front of the door. One day his Mum decides to get a little surprise for his son, which makes it hard for him to concentrate on his video game.

Be Alert, Be there! Tribute is implemented through the Operational Program "Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning" and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek national funds.

Axis B

Axis B: Workshop on audiovisual translation to people with disabilities (blind, deaf)

The workshop will examine the accessibility to audiovisual material that people with disabilities employ. It will be addressed not only to translation specialists, but to all those who are interested in subtitling in connection to the issues on disability. It will be realized in two sub-axes.
1. Subtitling for deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH). The educators will analyze the relevant European legislation, its implementation at the national level, corresponding actions and institutions/ partners, the rules and norms of subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, the software and the techniques used.
2. Audio Description (AD) for the Blind. What is valid in the European legislation and how is this implemented nationally; difficulties associated with AD; steps that that need to get followed; specialized personnel; associated software and rules of implementation


Vilelmini Sosoni, lecturer of Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, Ionian University. In the past, she taught Specialised Translation at the University of Surrey, the University of Westminster, Roehampton University, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Institut Français d' Athènes. She also has extensive industrial experience having worked as translator, editor and subtitler. Her research interests lie in the areas of the Translation of Institutional Texts, Corpus Linguistics, Machine Translation (MT) and AVT. She has participated in EU-funded research projects and has published articles in international journals and edited volumes.

Louiza Desylla, R, UCL-Associate Lecturer, University of Surrey. She has 10 years of teaching experience in UK Higher Education Institutions, her principal area of expertise being Audiovisual Τranslation. Since 2013, she has been a Teaching Fellow in Translation and Online Courses Coordinator in the Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS), at University College London (UCL). After obtaining a first-class BA in English Language and Literature from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, she was awarded MA in Translation Studies (2005) and a PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies (2009) by The University of Manchester. Since May 2016, she is co-Investigator in the AHRC-funded networking project Tapping the Power of Foreign Language Films: Audiovisual Translation as Cross-Cultural Mediation ( Through a series of seminars, as well as outreach activities in cinemas and schools, this research project aims at sensitising the public to the importance of audiovisual translation for the thorough understanding and enjoyment of foreign films.

Axis C

Axis C: Forum

Audiovisual medium and disability: Parameters of audiovisual means being employed by and towards people with disabilities

Purpose of this forum, a natural expansion of 2015 Be there! Corfu Animation Festival similar initiative, is to bring to light the problems, challenges, but also new knolwedge and tools in the area of audiovisual mediums regarding people with disability. Theoretical knowledge, technical expertise and implementation of long-needed specific policies, as well the good communication flow between those three factors still needs to be addressed.



Roula Kaisari, Braille trainer: "Discovering the daily life of blind people through description without visual contact"

Issues to be analyzed:
- How do blind or visually impaired watch a film?
- How do they learn to read and write?
- How do they participate in daily events, go out, have a good time, etc?
- How can they actively participate in the labor market through technology?
- How can they acquire a personal autonomy?
- How do we help them during eating?
- What is the use of the translator pen?
- How do they use the Dot Watch, the new smart watch that has various functions in Braille?

Vilelmini Sosoni (PhD), Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, Ionian University

Louisa Desilla (Phd), Researcher, UCL-Associate Lecturer, University of Surrey: "Information and entertainment for all: Subtitling for the deaf and the hard of hearing and audio description"

It is estimated that 90 million people in Europe have a hearing impairment and 8 million people have a visual impairment. Their disability does not deprive them of the right and the possibility to have access into media and entertainment. Subtitling for the deaf and the hard of hearing and audio description are two types of audiovisual translation that facilitate the access of people with disabilities into the audiovisual content.

This presentation aims to give an overview of the situation in Greece and to mention the basic characteristics of these two types of AVT, the challenges that they arise as well as the qualifications that both subtitlers and audio describers should have.

Christos Dagres, Treasurer, Hellenic Federation for the Deaf (OM.K.E)

“Accessibility in real time (Velotype)” The necessity of real-time captioning with Velotype technology that reproduces the oral speech in written speech, with human intervention, in a few seconds.

Vaggelis Karadimas, animator (

[video] The presentation will focus on the relation between people with disabilities, animation and unemployment, as well as on how animation influences the treatment of people with/out disabilities.

Ismini Karantzi, M.A., PhD Candidate, Ionian University: "Accessible animation: AD and SDH"

Undoubtedly, the sensory experience of people that see and hear is remarkable, while the change of visual elements, some times the absence of dialogues and the concurrent existence of secret messages may expand the film experience of the audience. The presentation will focus on animation films, which – by their nature – have a great dynamic not only because of their imaginary features but also because of the non-conventional perception of time and space, as well as on the challenges that arise during audio description (AD) and subtitling for the deaf and the hard of hearing (SDH)

Spyros Zouboulidis, President of the Association of Parents, Friends and Guardians of Children with Disability in Corfu “I Melissa” (The Bee), Vice President of the Greek Association of Parents, Friends and Guardians of People with Disability.

Andreas Skoupouras, Vice-Mayor of Corfu, Welfare-Social Policy-Solidarity & Volunteering , president of the Prefectural Association of Corfu for people with disabilities, “Audiovisual media and disability: The case for the Municipality of Corfu”

How is the visibility of the people with disabilities influenced by local media (press, TV,  media campaigns, social media)? A first report on the experience acquired from public administration in Corfu island, which also registers the role and function audiovisual media have played / are expected to play toward keeping informed and alert citizens  on disability issues.

Andreas Floros, Αssociate Professor, Head of the Department of Audiovisual Arts, Ionian University: "Listen-Learn-Play: Audio-only games as learning tools for blind students"

Recent gamification approaches define new learning perspectives in education and knowledge. But for blind children, these games are rather scarce and impossible to access. The answer to this challenge is termed audio-only games. Proper sonification strategies may lead to an extended gamification framework that can indeed highlight the blind students' skills, expand their opportunities and knowledge, strengthen their self-confidence and ultimately help them increase their interaction with their social environment.

Chairman: Vassilis Kroustallis, artistic director, Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

Admission to all "Be alert, Be there!" tribute events is free.

Be Alert, Be there! Tribute is implemented through the Operational Program "Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning" and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek national funds.





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