Retrospective: Vladimir Leschiov

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vladimir-leschiovFilm retrospective of Latvian animation artist Vladimir Leschiov at the 6th Be there! Corfu Animation Festival.


Vladimir Leschiov (Vladimirs Leščovs) was born in 1970 in Daugavpils, Latvia. He attended J.Rozenthal Art school in Riga in 1989. From 1991 until 1995 he participated in several group and personal art exhibitions of independent artist in Latvia and Russia (personal exhibition in St.Petersburg in 1992). He also worked as art director, director, designer and artist for TV productions, and created several animations for TV, music video and commercials production in Latvia and Europe. He won the Annual Latvian Music Records Association Award (Microphone Prize) for The Best Music Video in 1998. During 2001-2002, he studied animation at Konstfack University College of Arts,Crafts and Design, Department of Animation, Eksjö, Sweden (under the supervision of Polish professor Piotr Dumala). Since his first film, The Letter (2002), Leschiov's films have screened internationally and won awards in all major festivals. His Villa Antropoff (co-directed with Kaspar Jancis, 2012) was a Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards. His new film, Waiting for the New Year (2016) premiered at the 2016 Annecy Int'l Film Festival, with other festival selection already to follow.


The Letter (Vēstule, 2002, 3' 45")

TheLetter35mm, Color

A man is far from home and he writes a letter to his family. Although they are separated by huge distance, the world is still very small and fragile.

Music: Girts Biss
Production: Konstfack University college of Arts, Crafts and design, Dept. of Animation in Eksjo

Grandad's Honey (Vestēva medus, 2002, 5')

Grandads Honey35mm, Color

An old man lives a small village and he is lonely. His wife is dead and his children live far away in a big city, and they do not visit him often. All the old man has now is the waiting for the last dayof his life together with his only family, which are his bees.

Music: Girts Biss
Production : Konstfack University college of Arts, Crafts and design, Dept. of Animation in Eksjö

Insomnia (Bezmiegs, 2004, 7')

Insomnia35mm, Color

She cornes at night, quiet as a cat, take his sleep away until he feeds her. All she needs his milk brought by him somewhere between sleep and reality. Her name is Insomnia.

Music: Girts Biss
Production : Rija Films

Lost in Snow (Zuduši sniegā, 2007, 8')

LostinSnow35mm, Color

In winter, some people are going to go fishing through the ice. The excitement, intensified by the frosty temperatures and the doses of strong alcohol, causes unpredicable consequences.

Music : Normand Roger
Production : Jet Media (Latvia) and AniMera AB (Sweden)

Wings and Oars (Spārni un airi), Vladimir Leschiov (2009, 5' 38")

WingsandOars35mm, Color

A former pilot looks back his life-the Earth, the Sky, the Woman- everything that took place on journey from an air strip to an abandoned boat house.

Music : Pierre-Yves Drapeau and Normand Roger
Production : Lunohod

Villa Antropoff (co-direction: Kaspar Jancis, 2011, 13')

VillaAntropoff35mm, Color

A man has nothing to lose except his dream and to make it come true he embarks on a dangerous journey. But the destination is not what it seems.

Screenplay : Vladimir Leschiov and Kaspar Jancis
Animation : Vladimir Leschiov, Liga Skirmane, Kristine Zvirbule, Tarmo Vaarmets, Marje Ale, Karina Golovin, Ulle Metrur
Art direction: Vladimir Leschiov
Music: Kaspar Jancis
Editing: Vladimir Leschiov and Kaspar Jancis
Producers: Kalev Tamm and Vladimir Leschiov
Production: Eesti Joonisfilm (Estonia), Lunohod Animation Studio (Latvia)

Rainy Days (Lietus dienas, 2014, 8')

RainyDaysDCP, Color

A Japanese man in his twilight years boards a ferry heading towards an unknown island. The rain falling on the water brings back a memory from his childhood and another from a fleeting encounter.

Script : Vladimir Leschiov
Music: Pierre Yves Drapeau
Producer : Vladimir Leschiov and Marc Bertrand
Production : Lunohod (Latvia)/ National Film Board (Canada)

Waiting for the New Year (Gaidot Jauno gadu, 2016, 8')

WaitingForTheNewYearDCP, Color

A lonely woman street cleaner's letter to unknown person, written on the first day of the New Year: a year spent observing the seasons and dreaming of a miracle for the following New Year.

Script : Vladimir Leschiov
Music: Pierre Yves Drapeau
Producer : Vladimir Leschiov
Production : Lunohod (Latvia)



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